PELSAN LIGHTING MANAGEMENT BOARD MEMBER Yurdem GÖGÜŞ and I discussed the experiences of the pandemic process and company activities

  • Can you consider 2020 in general? In 2020, a pandemic was declared in the world. What are the implications for your company and the industry?
    For the whole world, 2020 has been a year that will not be forgotten for a long time. We realized that our health is paramount. We appreciate being with the ones we love. The way we do business has changed. It's been a year that's changed the way we look at ourselves, what's around us, how we look at our business. We have seen some sectors grow a lot, this growth has brought new investments and new formations in these sectors. We watched the successes of the companies that quickly adapted themselves and took action, and witnessed how they could turn the crisis into an opportunity. We have experienced that many jobs can be done online, including training. We have monitored the potential of countries to deal with the crisis. As Turkey, we are a country accustomed to crises, I believe that it is easier for us to adapt and continue our work than in many countries. The economic crisis in our country manifested itself before the pandemic. After the 2018 crisis, the lighting industry turned its direction to exports. While 2020 was actually going to be a year in which we would reap what we sow, it was a year in which we slowed down in this sense with the pandemic, and even stopped for a period. We couldn't travel in the first place, the fairs were cancelled. There have been disruptions in the supply chain. The factories where we bought raw materials and semi-finished products could not work full-time, the effects of supply shortages in raw materials began to feel well in the last quarter of 2020.
  • What work have you done to reduce or take advantage of the effects of the pandemic process?
    As soon as the pandemic was declared as pelsan, we quickly took very appropriate measures. Under the leadership of the human resources department, we conducted a very detailed study with a team that we formed together with our ISG specialist, company doctor and other managers and quickly implemented it. These were the new rules of order that we put into a multi-system application, from the glass cabins in the dining hall, the way they sit in the services, the layout in the workplaces, to the individual controls. All our employees have supported us by upholding these rules. It was a huge team effort.
    Mr. Yigit and I moved from our headquarters to our factory building in Dilovası with the team. Our decision is to make a decision that we're going to have to make. he contributed a lot to our vision of the whole, to make quick decisions, to the spirit of team and togetherness. Since we couldn't travel, we continued our discussions online. this situation saved us from the road chaos in Istanbul. We've been having more meetings, more meetings with our suppliers, more with our customers. We understood that we were witnessing the coming of the age of digitalization. We have worked to recreate the company culture and IT infrastructure accordingly.

    By this time, the whole world was afraid of China. In order to get the fruits of our export efforts in recent years, the pandemic process has actually been an opportunity for us. Many foreign companies knew about pelsan lighting factory, which produced with high technology next to Europe. During this period, we accelerated the work to show that we are a faster, smoother, more fearless, safer alternative.
  • Have you had any new products and new investments in 2020?
    In terms of new products, product management and R&D worked hard last year to respond especially to export demands. Other units have embraced and supported this national ideal very well. We acted together during a difficult period like the pandemic, like the crew of a ship that had returned to its export route from a production engineer to a blue-collar employee, accounting, teamaker.
  1. As for what we do, it's very outlined;
    1. We've commissioned lamp production. We've set up a plastic extrusion plant.
    2. We have done efficiency studies in production.
    3. We have implemented 5S, Kaizen methods for lean production.
    4. We have developed ATEX certified Ex-Proof products. We have created a UV-C product range.
    5. We designed UGR panels and linear fixtures that prevent glare.
    6. We have made new investments in industrial area fixtures.
    7. We have domesticated the downlight fixture, which is imported from China, by investing in mold.
    8. We have added a new product to the family of road and street fixture products in accordance with TEDAŞ specifications.
    9. There were Pelsan warehouses in 10 provinces, you know, we opened 2 new, 1000 m2 warehouses in Sakarya, 1 Ankara. We created an economic product family and introduced it to the market with the TIO brand.
    10. We have established country directorates in England, Azerbaijan and Italy
  • What would you like to say to the overseas partners related to the Turkish Lighting Sector during this period when supply chains are changing?
    1. Turkey is very close to Europe with its location. Since it is very easy to reach the Middle East, Africa and Europe, it is possible to reach Turkey in a period of 2-5 hours.
    2. There are many experienced companies in Turkey that have given years to the lighting sector. These companies have adapted very well to the new technology and have a flexible production structure.
    3. It is possible to reach european standards of economic products in Turkey. Many companies produce very reliable products with the laboratories established within themselves.
    4. Unfortunately, money is constantly depreciating in Turkey. This makes our prices constantly competitive and attractive in terms of exports.
    5. For our overseas customers who make projects, very successful lighting project designs are being made in Turkey. We work with experienced and competent manpower.
    6. We have a lot of labor and freight advantage in high volume, price competitive lighting products.
  • What are your expectations for 2021?
    A lost year like 2021, 2020, the pandemic is not over yet. Even if it's over, we'll feel the consequences more and more as time goes on. I don't think we'll have full-performance returns until 2023. By making healthy plans for this period; we intend to spend it focusing on exports, digitalization and domestication efforts.


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