New Led Panel Lighting Products from Panasonic…


Panasonic Eco Solutions Turkey, the leading name in the electrical switch and socket industry, continues to develop next-generation technologies and products for a sustainable and bright future. The powerful organization is once again demonstrating its success in innovation with Panasonic LED panel lighting products. New LED panel models consisting of slim, under-plaster and plaster panels produced for different uses reveal the point of technology in lighting.

Different with fine design lines…

Reliable lighting is considered one of the cornerstones of every living space or business. This technology, which illuminates our living rooms and workspaces, also allows us to see the products we will buy and feel comfortable in the environments we are in. LED lighting technology stands out as the most ideal lighting model due to its attractive advantages, long life, real light and variety of uses.  Panasonic is adding finely designed lines, durability, reliability, superior quality and advanced technology to all these features in its new LED panel range . The Panasonic LED panel lighting series adds a modern look to the areas where it is used thanks to its decorative and aesthetic design features. On the other hand, it is much more efficient than standard bulbs but also proves to be environmentally friendly by consuming less energy.

Saving both energy and budget…

LED panel lighting helps you save energy as well as your budget. And because it's long-lasting, they don't have to be changed often. Panasonic uses strong and durable V2-grade plastic material in LED panel lighting products manufactured in accordance with the IEC60598 Standard. This provides extra security. Homogeneous lighting that prevents glare adds comfort to work and living spaces. The Panasonic LED panel lighting series is separated from its peers by being compliant with quality standards such as LVD, EMC, RoHS directives and CE declaration .


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