Panasonic New Led Lighting Series in Turkey!


Panasonic, which has nearly a century of experience in improving the quality of light and the reliability of lighting fixtures, now reveals the point technology has reached in lighting with its new LED lamps. Panasonic, which is at the forefront of the development of light, once again demonstrates the importance of lighting carefully designed for everyday life with safe, comfortable and efficient LED lamps. The brand's new LED lamp series meets consumers with the privilege of Panasonic Life Solutions Turkey in our country.

Safe and Efficient Lighting with Panasonic Illuminating the World…

Designed to create a relaxing and relaxing atmosphere, the new Panasonic LED Lamp Series combines ideal light-quality lighting in every aspect of living spaces, from the kitchen to the study rooms. Products offered for sale with E27, E14, GU10 sensor options and 2700K and 6500K color temperature; with its aesthetic and attractive designs, it adds elegance to every area they are used in. Reflecting the principles of impressive light and accurate lighting , the Panasonic LED Lamp Series also stands out for its high efficiency and superior material quality.

It illuminates and protects…

Built in accordance with LVD directives, the Panasonic LED Lamp Series provides complete protection against electric shock thanks to its insulated outer body design. Panasonic LED Lamps, which do not contain heavy metals and toxic substances, also illuminate the future with an environmentally friendly technology that complies with RoHS Quality Standards and recycling. Panasonic LED Lamps meet EN 62471 Standards and maintain eye health as a healthy light source with UV-free LEDs.

Budget-friendly and long-lasting solution in lighting…

Panasonic LED Lamps with A+ and A++ energy class save energy, ensuring efficient, comfortable and safe lighting. Panasonic LED Lamps illuminate spaces for 15,000 hours with their high-quality design and effective temperature management.

Panasonic is ready for the new ErP/Eco-design regulation!

In relation to eco-design requirements, a new regulation is being made in lighting in terms of sustainability. A whole new era of lighting products begins with the new ErP and New Efficiency Class definitions that will come into force in the near future. Panasonic's LED Lamp Series is designed in accordance with the new ErP and Efficiency Class Regulation. The Panasonic LED Lighting Series , which has gained new dimensions with innovative technologies and provides reliable lighting, is now in Turkey and Panasonic plans to further illuminate the path to the comfortable future by introducing other new lighting solutions to the market in the near future.


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