Panasonic Life Solutions Turkey meets with business partners in Antalya


Panasonic Life Solutions Turkey, the leading and innovative company in the sector, which aims to offer a better and more comfortable ‘life’ with human-oriented approaches, has signed an important organization in Antalya with the participation of its dealers all over the country. In addition to numerous dealers, Panasonic Life Solutions Turkey Company President Yoshiyuki Kato, Vice President Azim Tuncinar and Mutlu Kutlu and all other executives participated in the program, which was organized under the theme of “A Better Future Together”.

Panasonic Life Solutions Turkey has met with partners who have made significant contributions to bringing innovative products and solutions to the consumer. In order to further strengthen the relationship with dealers in almost every province of Turkey, Yoshiyuki Kato, President of Panasonic Life Solutions Turkey, gave the opening speech of the organization, which was organized with high sensitivity within the framework of Covid-19 rules.

Kato: “We will strengthen our leading position in our sector every day”

Emphasizing that Turkey has a very large and strategic importance for Panasonic, which has successfully maintained its presence in the world for more than 100 years, Kato said, “The actions we have taken to further increase our production in Turkey in the nearly 8 years since our company’s investment in the VIKO brand are the clearest indication of this strategic importance. Even during the turbulent periods of the economy, we have made new investments in many fields from machinery tracks to R&D, technological transformation to branding. We have achieved a 30 percent increase in the employment provided by our company. Of course, in all our successes and in this power of our company, it is a great contribution to being a company operating under Panasonic Corporation. In addition to panasonic and VIKO branded products in our wide range of products, we will strengthen our leading position in our sector day by day with new products and solutions that we aim to bring to market. We will continue to bring the ‘innovative products and solutions’ of our company, which operates successfully in a wide geography, to our customers in Turkey and the world markets.”

“Together we will move towards a better future”

Azim Tuncinar, Vice President of Sales and Global Marketing in Turkey, who succeeded Yoshiyuki Kato, said, “As Panasonic Life Solutions, despite the pandemic and the subsequent global economic challenges, we have managed to grow and strengthen by joining hands with our dealers and all other stakeholders. Thus, we proved once again that we are the leading company in the sector.

The Antalya meeting, which we organized with the theme of ‘A Better Future Together’, was a unique reflection of the strong unity of our company and our dealers. In this important organization, which we carried out together with our business partners from all over Turkey, we further strengthened our belief in the great and important achievements we will achieve in the future. As Panasonic Life Solutions Turkey, we have global experience, strength from our dealers and great success in local production; I would like to thank all the participants with the hope of walking together towards the big goals in the coming period.” Vice President Azim

Global Marketing General Manager Erhan Güngör, who took the stage after Tuncinar, made important shares with his comprehensive presentation on the effects of a more sustainable world goal on the building sector, smart cities and smart building technologies.

Dealers all over Turkey have joined hands for the Panasonic Family Forest project.

The night was colored by the stage performance of famous artists Funda Arar and Cengiz Kurtoglu, and also featured images of unity and solidarity created by Panasonic Life Solutions Turkey and its dealers. In addition, plaques were presented to all dealers in memory of panasonic family forest, which Panasonic implemented in the Aegean Region with its sustainability and corporate responsibility approach. The company aims to contribute to its goal of leaving a more livable world for future generations with its ‘Panasonic Family Forest’ project, which was launched in collaboration with the Aegean Forest Foundation last summer as a reflection of its responsibility towards trees destroyed by fires across the country.  


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