Panasonic Life Solutions Turkey is in the "Export Hall of Fame"


Panasonic Life Solutions Turkey has entered the Honours List prepared by the Electrical and Electronics Exporters Association (TET), which includes companies exporting in the electronics sector. Azim Tuncinar, Vice President of Panasonic Life Solutions Turkey, stressed that they are proud to be on this list and their contribution to the country's economy with the volume of exports the company has achieved in 2020.

Panasonic Life Solutions Turkey, which develops next-generation technologies and products for "A Better Life, a Better World", has been placed on the list in the Export Hall of Fame prepared annually by the Electrical and Electronic Exporters Association (TET) with its export volume in 2020. Azim Tuncinar, Vice President of Sales and Global Marketing at Panasonic Life Solutions Turkey, said, "It is extremely important and valuable for us to be on this list. While developing solutions to offer a better life and a better world with our investments, we are happy and proud to contribute to the country's economy through our domestic production and foreign trade efforts. As Panasonic Life Solutions Turkey, we successfully represent our brands in world markets with our exports to more than 60 countries. We evaluate the export market in 4 main regions and are among the important players of the market in many countries. At the same time, we continue to maintain our sector leadership in our country. While continuing to touch people's lives in every part of the world, we have provided very important added value to the country's economy with our investments. With this understanding, we will continue our work."


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