Energy efficiency and elegance combined in the Panasonic LED Lamp Series


Panasonic, which offers "solutions for life" and continues to develop its products with the excitement of the first day, also offers lighting solutions that are the main need of homes and workplaces.The next generation Panasonic LED Lamp Series, which meets the consumer with the privilege of Panasonic Life Solutions Turkey, provides efficient lighting in all areas of the homes and adds elegance to every space it is used with product design.

Panasonic Life Solutions Turkey, with extensive experience in researching and developing life-enhancing light solutions, combines high efficiency and superior material quality with its Panasonic LED Lamp Series, which is produced with the right lighting principles.The Panasonic LED Lamp Series connects the consumer with lighting at every point in the living space in the home, from the kitchen to the study rooms. E27, E14, GU10 sensor options and 2700K and 6500K color temperature alternatives are offered for sale, providing elegance in both ideal light and decoration in the areas where they are used.

Safe, long-lasting and energy efficient products

The Panasonic LED Lamp Series is also safely preferred because it is produced in accordance with LVD directives and provides complete protection against electric shocks thanks to its insulated outer body design. The series, which can illuminate venues for up to 15 thousand hours with its high-quality design, also contributes to energy saving with A+ and A++ energy-grade lamps.

Lighting that cares about eye health

Panasonic LED Lamps are manufactured in accordance with EN 62471 Standards. With lamps with UV-emitting LEDs, healthy lighting is obtained without exposed the eyes to harmful rays.


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