ReneSola Turkey General Manager Tunç Göz we bring LED and Solar Energy products to the consumer with our offices in 32 countries around the world.

Good luck with your new assignment. Can you briefly talk about Renesola's organization in the world and in Trükiye?

Renesola offers production and sales services on Green Energy products. We produce Solar and LED Lighting products in our factories located in the Far East. We also sell and distribute our products through offices in 32 countries around the world. We have a production and sales organization of 5,000 people. In Turkey, we are located in all regions with a team of 25 people. While distributing our LED products through our dealers, we also contribute to Turkey with our Solar Projects.

What kind of LED Lighting products are in Renesola's product range and what are the different aspects of these products from their counterparts on the market?

Our product range is complete in Lamp Groups. All kinds of products from E27 to G4, G9 products are available. In interior lighting, our fixture groups can respond to requests other than decorative needs. We are also increasing our outdoor lighting product range. The important point here is that in the short term you will see that Renesola Turkey's product range will be much more diversified. We will diversify our market position as in other countries. We've started work on that.

Can we find out how the reactions you get from those who use LED lighting products produced by Renesola in the market?

What I'm most interested in is our failure rates. There are 10,000/1 ratios. This ratio is incredible in products that are used so intensively in the market. Renesola Is the most important topic in the world is quality. We try to offer the best quality to the consumer at the most affordable price. That's the mission the company has taken on. Therefore, there are demands that we provide more diverse products than we do. That's our concentration right now.

Does your company budget for R&D studies? How are your R&D studies?As a manufacturer from the Far East, we can say that this is our biggest advantage. Our R&D center in all raw materials. Therefore, the process of developing new products, renewing the existing product is very fast. I consider this someone who has experienced a different R&D system before. In addition, you can feed as soon as possible from an R&D study in the Far East very quickly in interaction.

We offer the best quality at the most affordable priceWhat  would you like to say about your team's short- and long-term goals?

We will continue to spread throughout Turkey with our dealers. Renesola Turkey will grow with its dealer network. At this point, our door is open to anyone who wants to walk with us.

We will also diversify our portfolio with products actively sold in other countries. We will show the whole market that quality Far East products are possible.

As someone who knows the industry well, what would you like to tell us about the development of the sector?

LED conversion rates are ahead of Europe. Among the Turkish manufacturers, we have companies that are very successful in LED. There may be new marriages with foreign companies. It has to be done to mark. In this, it is important to exchange information with foreign brands by producing. We need to improve the quality. Due to the perception of quality problems in LED products, we see that the use of Fluorescent-based products continues. European companies are happy with that.

Electricians are being shamed for poor quality products.

Finally, can we find out what are the problems you have with your own sector and what are your suggestions for solving these problems?

The quality problem in LED products is the leading problem of the Turkish Lighting Industry. Over the years, products that are still broken in 3 months are introduced into our country and small tradesmen are victimized by their customers. Our electrician brothers should now provide this self-control and not let companies with such products through their doors. Tighter supervision, conscious Electrician is the only solution.



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