OSRAM's UV-C system's impact on coronavirus confirmed


The system, which kills all kinds of known viruses and bacteria on short wavelength UV light surfaces, was initially installed in hospitals in Wuhan and Beijing, China. OSRAM's UV-C system, which is also approved by chinese authorities for destroying viruses and bacteria with a reliability rate of 99.9%, provides disinfection against viruses in places with high circulation, such as hospitals and public spaces, with an international use license.

OSRAM, one of the world's leading companies in lighting technology, is starting to supply UV-C systems for air and surface disinfection all over the world after receiving international approval for use. OSRAM's UV-C HNS lamps operate at a wavelength of 253.7 nm and destroy viruses and bacteria with a reliability rate of 99.9%. 2,000 of the UV-C system, which has also been proven to have an effect against coronavirus, has been installed in hospitals in Wuhan and Beijing, China. The OSRAM AirZingTM series, which can also be added smart sensors to prevent people from being affected by harmful UV-C light, allows trained personnel to easily disinfect large and large areas in hospitals and facilities with heavy human traffic. OSRAM has already shipped more than 10,000 products to nursing homes in China.

OSRAM Turkey CEO Can Dikmen said, "We have increased the production volume of UV-C disinfection systems to make an important contribution to the global war against coronavirus. We continue to work hard. Our priority is always to protect our employees and we thank them for their commitment in these difficult circumstances."

UV-C light kills germs

In the nuclei of microorganisms such as bacteria and viruses, there is thymine, a chemical component in the content of DNA/RNA. This element absorbs UV-C light at a wavelength of up to 253.7 nm, preventing the cell from multiplying and surviving. Although V-UV light (185 nm) is also used to kill microorganisms, it is more reliable because it creates ozone harmful to human health.

UV-C light is invisible to the eye and therefore can cause serious burns to human skin. For this reason, OSRAM develops AirZing PRO with intelligent sensors and allows the system to detect human presence in the room with its infrared sensor. It is recommended that only trained personnel use this system, which immediately stops working to prevent damage to the eyes and skin if someone suddenly enters the room.  


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