OSRAM's innovative lighting products turned into "design"


OSRAM, one of the world's leading companies in lighting technology, participated in Architect@Work, where innovative products determined by the approval of a selective board were exhibited. Industrial Designer Utku Başkır's designs with OSRAM's new LED products were appreciated by visitors at the fair, which was held for the fourth time this year and made a difference with its innovation-oriented approach.

The Architect@Work, which was held in 25 different cities in 14 countries with the aim of bringing architects, interior designers and designers together with new materials, was held for the 4th time in Istanbul this year. The organization, which exhibits innovative products that have passed the approval of the select committee of architects and interior designers, brought together architects, interior designers, designers and building experts from both Turkey and the world with innovative products between November 1st and 2nd. OSRAM, which took its place with project partner Arkilight at the fair, exhibited the next generation of lighting products that combine technology and innovation to industry professionals. Industrial Designer Utku Başkır's lighting applications prepared with OSRAM products received great attention at the fair.

You determine the character of the environment with lighting

The interaction of light and architecture extends beyond the perception of light. OSRAM's LED lighting products, modules and systems that allow you to experience this feeling also offer an innovative approach to lighting control.

In Architect@Work, marble and mirror-behind lighting samples were presented to visitors using OSRAM Back LED modules and TRAXON (an OSRAM Company) 64 Pixel board products. Carrara marble, a normally light-resistant material, was thinned and laminated to make it light-passing, and a hidden screen measuring 1 meter x 1 meter was created with 64 Pixel board modules. The colors and effects created on the marble surface attracted a lot of attention from professionals. The TRAXON 64 Pixel Board consists of 64 separately controllable ultra-bright LED points in 25cmX25cm dimensions, creating low resolution displays in unlimited square meters. Traxon 64PXL Boards, which can also be used as ambience lighting, enable different display designs regardless of the size with additional modules of different sizes.

Providing uninterrupted lighting in spaces and exteriors, the OSRAM Diffuse flex series stands out for its unseen LED light source points. The new series Black Diffuse series, which will be released in 2020, will integrate with architecture with its black appearance when closed, allowing for a lighting design that can be invisible on black facades.

LINEARLIGHT FLEX LED modules, which offer both elegant highlighting and comfortable ambient lighting in one solution, take lighting to a different dimension in architectural details and furniture where flexibility is needed.

The contour of all lighting products in the stand was provided using e:cue (an OSRAM Company) Sympholight products. Sympholight is a full-scale lighting control platform that provides in-depth information flow and system control about all lighting assets (functional and color/dynamic lighting) and the lighting infrastructure of cities. Through an open application interface, the platform can easily and efficiently integrate with third-party software platforms. In this way, all independent units in the projects can be connected to each other and monitored remotely; energy efficiency, system states, information such as information can be monitored.

The same control system products are used in many major projects in istanbul, Izmir, Ankara, Paris, Dubai, Baku, Frankfurt etc. in our country. In our country, examples such as Çamlıca Mosque, Istanbul Airport, Ankapark, Folkart Towers can be given.


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