We asked our companies in the Lighting Sector what they did during the Pandemic period and what awaited us after that.

Sylvania Middle East, Turkey and CIS Regional President Ayhan ŞİRİNER

What are your thoughts on the implications of the process in the lighting industry?

Of course, the world and Turkish economy will slow down for the lighting sector after the pandemic, but I don't think very difficult days await us. This is especially because Turkey is at the forefront of the ranking of countries that can cope with difficult conditions. And the Turkish economy continues to offer very important opportunities for global companies. You will see in the coming days that many global companies will continue to invest in Turkey or start.

What have you done as a company in the meantime?

When official sources informed that the pandemic case was in Turkey, masks, gloves, etc. were provided to all our personnel in the Sylvania Turkey family. And disinfectants were placed at various visible points of our office. Following these measures, the decision was taken to work from home indefinitely for all our employees. Periodic office spraying and cleaning processes were put into operation. The continuity of daily mandatory work was ensured, with 1 or maximum 2 staff in the office. Towards the end of June, our office will start working 4 days a week, not exceeding 3-4 staff per day.

On the other hand, in order for the business side to work, we started to have online meetings with all our employees and business partners in certain periods. We reviewed our operational processes in the first place and determined and implemented the actions that needed to be taken. Then we reviewed our 2020 plans and goals, calendaring the issues where we could reach a priority and quick solution and keeping track of them with the relevant friends. We have calendared all our new applications that have no urgency and can be postponed until 2021.In summary, Sylvania continued to work with all its personnel in a controlled manner to achieve its goals despite the slowing of the Turkish pandemic.


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