Oliptek Lighting Products Received Great Attention at The Building Fair…


Digital Engineering produced MESH BAR in both directions and domestically with the brand "Oliptek" in the 42nd year. It was unveiled at the Building Fair.

The two-way MESH BAR produced by Digital Engineering stands out with its domestic production feature and bears the signature of a "Turkish Brand". At the 42nd Building Fair held this year, he unveiled the "Mesh Bar" products he exhibited with the brand "Oliptek". MESH BAR received great attention from visitors. Oliptek Chairman Özcan Kars also received great attention from our MESH BAR visitors and we plan to carry out major projects in the coming periods. Said.

Digital Engineering is a company established by electronic and computer engineers in 2008 and operates in the fields of Building Façade Led Lighting Systems, Parking Guidance Systems, LED Display Systems, Smart City Lighting Control Systems and Intelligent Automation Systems.



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