NEOS Smart City Lighting Management Platform saves up to 75% electricity


Netaş develops the NEOS Smart City Lighting Platform completely domestically within the framework of its solutions that improve the quality of life in urban life, offering up to 75% electricity savings and an increase in operational efficiency in urban lighting.

Netas, the R&D leader of the Turkish IT sector, has launched the NEOS Smart City Lighting Management Platform, which it developed 100% domestically in its own R&D and increases energy saving and operational efficiency in urban lighting, within the framework of solutions that improve the quality of life in urban life.

Road and street lighting is predominantly included in the overall share of lighting, which is shown as 2% of total electricity consumption in Turkey. According to TURKSTAT data, approximately 3,940 GWh of energy is spent annually for city/street/highway lighting in Turkey, which means an annual cost of TL 1.3 billion at 2016 prices. With the transition to LED bulbs only, up to 40% savings can be achieved in this consumption. In addition, the total savings can be up to 75% when using netas' NEOS Smart City Lighting Management Platform.

With the NEOS Smart City Lighting Management Platform, light or motion sensors can be integrated into the system, LED bulbs can be automatically switched on and off according to the brightness of the air, whether the area to be illuminated is used, and proportional lighting (dimming) can be provided according to the brightness needed. This means that while reducing electricity consumption, the life of the bulbs is prolonged. The benefits of intelligent lighting systems are not limited to this.

Neos Smart City Lighting Management Platform, which enables instant and real-time monitoring of all devices in the field on the map, automatically detects faults and directs field operations teams, allowing the fault to be resolved as soon as possible. In addition, thanks to the display of the remaining lifespan of the lamps through the system, it makes it possible to carry out forward field maintenance planning before the lamp failure occurs.

Providing information about the system, Netas Information and Communication Technologies Director Bulent Kemal Mutlu said, "Cities where more than half of the world's population lives consume 75% of the world's energy resources. The technology we have allows us to use these resources more efficiently. We provide both electricity savings and operational efficiency with neos Smart City Lighting Management Platform, which we have developed 100% domestically with our own resources. With this solution, we aim at municipalities, campuses such as universities or technocracies, industrial zones and sites consisting of housing."


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