"Because Makel Dealers sell and use eco-friendly Makel LED Lighting Products that consume very little energy and give a lot of light, have a long life of 20,000 hours, are produced with 100% domestic capital, do not contain toxic waste. They, the world and our Turkey are winning."

Making a rapid introduction to the LED market, Makel unearths the heroes of Led Lighting products produced with 100% domestic capital in the field of sales. Makel, which has successfully campaigned with the cooperation of Makel business partners, continues to receive great acclaim on all communication channels, especially social media.


Makel, which delivers 100% domestic production and eco-friendly Led lighting products to sales points and end consumers through our dealers, aimed to expand the led consumption habit with this campaign and to explain its support to nature in a different advertising concept with social responsibility awareness by providing the use of LED products that will consume less energy needed by our world.

Among the factors that make Makel Led products as the reason for preference are the compliance with the standards of the lamp, safety, life, power level, light level, efficiency, low heating and power reduction, not decreasing brightness after long use, expenditure of current proportional to its power, not polluting electricity and not attracting high currents as soon as it is first opened.

About Makel:MAKEL COMPANIES GROUP, which started its activities in the electrical materials sector in 1977, has added to the range of group outlets, circuit breakers, insurance boxes, counters, LED lighting, switches and industrial products since 1987 and is making its products available to consumers in domestic and international markets with the Makel brand.

MAKEL production facilities operate on an area of 45,000 m2 in Büyükçekmece, Istanbul and produce using today's most advanced automation machines and technologies. MAKEL works with a quality laboratory equipped with turkey's most modern and technology in its field with a quality understanding above domestic and international standards. In addition to many product quality certificates such as TSE, VDE, Gohst, Kema Keur, TÜV, MAKEL, which produces products with CE marking indicating that it does not cause any harm to human health and the environment, also has ISO 9001:2008 quality system certificate approved by TSE and DQS. With its investments in qualified manpower, the social opportunities it provides to its employees and the support it provides to its employees to continuously improve themselves, MAKEL is aware that the most important factor for achieving success is human.



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