Makel, who came to prominence with the slogan "If We Are One, We Will Be" at the Dealer Meeting held on February 22-23, drew attention to the issues of national capital and domestic production at every stage.

Makel, which successfully held the 2019 Dealer meeting on the theme of "If We Are One" between February 22nd and 23rd at Istanbul Grand Makel Hotel, hosted guests from all over Turkey during the prepared two-day program.

The first day of the 2019 Dealer Meeting started with a factory trip.Breakfast was held with the guests who came to the factory from the early hours of the morning. During the factory trip that started after breakfast, detailed information was given by visiting Key & Socket, Group Socket and Accessories, Switch and Industrial Products, Counter and Measuring Devices, Smart Home and Automation Systems and LED Lighting production sites, as well as Metal Press, Molding, Injection, Laboratory and R&D Center. The trip was guided by Electrical R&D Manager Özkan URHUN, Mechanical R&D Engineer Ismail AYTİMUR, Key Socket Technician Cemil YACI as three separate groups.

Makel met with about 200 people at the Grand Makel Hotel the next day with the slogan "If We Are One" . The meeting started at 10:00 a.m. and continued until lunch. At the meeting, business partners were first shown a promotional film prepared in accordance with the concept of your meeting. The content and thematic structure of the film were highly appreciated by the participants.

After the film, Makel Chairman Necati Caliskan, Makel General Manager Hakan Ozturk, Sales – Marketing Director Serkan Emsal and R&D Director Ünal Küçük took turns on the speaking chair.

Speaking at the podium, Makel Chairman Necati Caliskan said that their most valuable investments to date are their dealers and business partners. He said they had a hopeful start to 2018 and that they experienced above-budget growth in the first and second quarters. Caliskan stated that this growth was exciting for them and the sector, and then stated that the growth curve decreased after the 2018 election and that the whole sector, the country was negatively affected by this situation, and that there were no Turkish companies left in the sector other than Makel in makel's business volume.

Necati Caliskan continued:

"I'm going In my industrial history, we have faced 4-5 major crises in 42 years and we have comed. We've managed to turn every crisis into an opportunity. However, this time the financial crisis created an environment that we are not accustomed to, that we did not expect, and affected us like everyone else." Said.

Noting that the financial sector is going through difficult times, Caliskan said that Turkish banks are trying to solve the flow of hot money from outsourced funds, but due to the anxious situation at many stages, the banks have withdrawn themselves from the market and remained in cash.

He said the crisis had increased once more because the cash needed to be given to the market was not given out of concern that 'there may be problems with repayment from firms'.

"At the beginning of September, bankalar gradually began to land on the market. But this time we faced another situation; You and us who have invested in Turkey for many years with a 'low interest rate', have been traumatized by this situation, which suddenly comes up by 40-50% dollars. The rate increase caused great difficulties for the industrialists. However, despite everything, we ended 2018 with a growth rate of 15 percent2018 has been a test period for us. But because we love our country and our sector, we have always taken over things that are not done in Turkey. We have taken over the first meter production in our country, and in 2017-2018, we invested 10 million euros in LED Lighting business as Makel. We have always strived to make products that can contribute to our current losses that cannot be done in Turkey. We have that vision. I can give an example of this job of 'Smart Building Automation'. There are no other domestic companies doing this like us right now. Turkey is opening up in home automation systems. We have an important market in Russia in the export sector. Our goal is to bring makel to mind when it comes to key – sockets. We are working hard to make Makel come to mind as a generic brand."

Speaking afterwards, Makel General Manager Hakan ÖZTÜRK said that Makel, who gave turkey what he bought from Turkey, was not only a good day but also a bad day friend. Ozturk continued:

We are very happy to be together with our valuable dealers in our "If We Become One" themed meeting. We will continue to grow our experience in the sector and our success with you, our valuable dealers, together with you and increase the value of our brand both in our country and in the world as MAKEL.

In the 42 years since its inception, there have always been values that guide us. When we were called Makel, we wanted these values and this identity to come to mind. Adopting the principle of giving what it receives from Turkey to Turkey, which is considered not only good day but also bad day friendly, trusted as a company from the veterans of the sector, providing financing needs by using its own resources, successfully competing against domestic-foreign competitors in domestic-international markets, imitated by some competitors due to the strength of its brand, keeping quality, assembly ease and robustness in all products it produces in the foreground of the standard in its products has created a brand identity aimed at quality on top of it."

Presentations continued with Sales – Marketing Director Serkan Emsal and R&D Director Ünal Küçük.

Performing after lunch, the Astoria Dance Ensemble performed dances from many regions from the Black Sea to the Aegean and Anatolia with a magnificent performance. There was a lot of interest in the community that performed their shows in the intense interest of the guests.

As a guest speaker on the stage after the dance show, Prof. Dr. Kerem Alkin is here. Providing extremely useful information about economic trends, 2019 vision and future strategic approaches in Turkey and the world, Alkin also raised many historical issues related to 2018.

Noting that Turkey is importantly included in the economic topics published by Nomura, one of the world-famous Japanese financial institutions, in 2018, Alkin said that our country is now being followed on an international scale in this sense.Under the scrutiny of many updated topics from the slowdown in global growth to the March 31 local elections, Kerem Alkin said that in 2019, central banks will have to change strategies due to many developments in the world. Prof. Dr. Kerem Alkin continued:

" Monetary tightening will continue in 2019.Donald Trump's trade wars have affected many countries. There are some concerns about growth in the world economy. Of course it affects us. The Central Banks of America and Europe therefore changed their fictions. There will be differences in monetary policies in both Europe and America. Europe has entered recession. This isn't just about monetary policy. There are other issues that affect that. One is the Brexit dispute. If a dispute is reached, Britain will have to leave everything, including the customs union. To date, the products it has received with zero customs will enter the country again with a 12 percent tax burden. The British will have to pay the price. In this sense, March 29th is a B.C. The other factor is that the British are waiting for the European Parliament elections in May. For the first time in European history, the European Parliament is expected to win 28 percent of seats in the hands of politicians from the far right and the left. Therefore, the European Parliament is expected to be radicalized by these new groups.However, The UK intends to end this situation in its favour by disagreeing. New agreements are expected to be introduced as members of the radicalised parliament oppose the unity system. That's what England expect at this point. This brings with it new risks." Said.

Headlines for 2019; Setting global trade tensions, digitization, economic trade uncertainty caused by the United States and natural disasters, Alkin said that the most curious issue for all sectors for this year is what will happen with the euro – dollar parity and the dollar exchange rate, how it will end.The Euro would lose value if US President Trump's policy of trade war against Europe continued, as in China, alkin said . In all this traffic, the euro – dollar pair is stuck in the band 1.12-1.15. If Brexit ends in disagreement, there will be a breakdown. On top of that, the European Parliamentary elections show that this parity will be broken. We don't expect much rise this year. If the Brexit deal is somehow postponed and shifts to the end of the year, the Euro will gain value. We need the euro to be valuable. If the results after the March 31 local elections allow the alliance to strengthen again, we will end the rate at 5.30 by the end of the year if the Federal Reserve does not harden monetary policy due to these developments."

The automotive and pharmaceutical industries have shifted to moderate risk areas due to the global recession, international insurance company Kofas said in a report. Alkin stated that the construction sector is the only sector according to this report in the red line, and continued his comments on the situation:

"The construction industry is troubled all over the world.There's no way this industry is going to stop. The population keeps growing. Let's not make any mistakes. With the current agenda, we are losing horizons for real sectors. I feel like it's all going to be over in a moment.We, as a country on a large scale, need to pursue new job opportunities. Africa is promising in this sense. Everyone's after it. Africa is a country close to us. Our rap sheet is clear. We didn't exploit it, we didn't do anything else, or we wanted it. They say if you're coming, come. By 2060, our population will be between 96 and 102 million. Our working population is now 30 million. In 2060, we are expected to have 54 – 57 million employees.Turkey's standard of living will be between $38,000 and $42,000 at the time. Is it possible for so many people to live conjuncturally without spending anything? Therefore, if we cannot see 15-20 years from now and take precautions, if we cannot produce a strategy, then we will waste the future."

Alkin, who also touched on agriculture and food production and sales issues, continued his presentation with the following words:

"Turkey alone was self-sufficient in food and agriculture, but in the last 25 years the population has increased by 50%. Turkey's agricultural exports total 18 billion dollars. The added value per kg is 0.30 cents. You calculate how many kilograms we exported from here. Since we have shifted domestic consumption abroad, importing has become a necessity for the growing population need. As you know, it is control policy, which is one of the three legs of economic policies. The government has taken some public measures with the sale.It's always happened in the past. In between, there are sometimes balancing the public to regulate the market; briefly intervenes. Annualized headline inflation should fall below 18 percent by April and May. If we do this, it will be possible to bring down the loans used in the real sector in the financial system. If it is seen that the high interest rate yield is over, these resources are transferred as expenditures to the economy. Lower inflation is not left to the market."

Alkin stated that 40 trillion of the world trade, which is expected to be $63 trillion in 2100, will come from trade volume between Africa and Asia.

Prof. Dr. After Kerem Alkin's speech, plaques were presented to the business partners who attended the meeting. The program continued with the gala dinner. Artist Özge Erdeniz and His Orchestra gave our guests a good time with beautiful songs throughout the night.



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