MAKEL Backlight Panel Fixture on Sale


Makel is a Turkish-owned group that started its activities in the electrical materials sector in 1977 and has achieved many firsts in its sector. 

The product range includes domestic production Switch & Socket, Group Socket, Smart Building and Automation Systems, Automatic Fuse, Leakage Current Protection Switches, Compact Switches, Leakage Current Protected Compact Switches, Switch Industrial Products, Fuse Boxes, Electrical Accessories, Electronic meters and Measuring Devices, Led Lighting products.

LED lighting is becoming more and more common today. It is very important to use energy efficiently in lighting systems. MakelLED Lighting products provide great advantages for all users in this regard. Especially the efficient and long-lasting lighting products provide both economical and high quality lighting.

Makel, which continues its investments in LED lighting products and continues its work on new product extraction, produces led lighting products that it offers to the market as domestic production in line with customer requests in line with the data from the market.

Backlight, which means backlighting, consists of an LED assembly located inside a hair case. The most noticeable feature of backlight products is that they consume less energy for lighting of the same lumens value.

Makel Backlight Led stands out with its architectural design body made of 0.50 mm thick metal, covered in electrostatic powder paint.

It is suitable for use in many areas with a high efficiency LED drive with fixed current output, unaffected by fluctuations in mains voltage and providing constant light, high efficiency LED drive, aluminum PCBs with high thermal conductivity and fireproof outlet clamp suitable for cable assembly.

Makel Led Backlight is suitable for use in shops, offices, hotels, schools, hospitals, meeting rooms, shopping malls and markets.

Led Backlight products are produced in 60 x 60 sizes 36 and 48 watts and are available with 3000, 4000 and 6500 K light options.


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