Is the Product Sold Live!


Yusuf Hızarcioglu

Long Years worked in turkey's largest TV, Newspaper and Magazine group. Designer, Photographer

The world is going through a period where we're trying to figure out what happened. We were faced with many of the titles we wrote in our previous issue. Those who say that everything will change in the world never consider the human factor. Not everyone in our world has the same opportunities. Even quarterbacks don't know that's not possible as the world is now. Or he doesn't want to know.

The past four months have given us a lot of experience. In this process, I had the opportunity to be intertwined with the sector and observe how they spent this period. The production lines of the lighting industry never stopped. We will start to see more of the impact of the travel ban in the world in the future. As someone who has experienced fairs and business experiences abroad for many years, we share some of our thoughts and now we see this justification.

We are experiencing the process of gathering around the axis of big brands in the name of the digitalization of the world. We have experienced and experienced a furore of digital meetings, digital business meetings, digital events. However, what do we understand when we say digitalization. Do we understand social media accounts and Google promotional ads as digitalization? I wonder if the main reason for such a storm is the new model of monopoly. Where are the global brands based around the world? We will see the answers to these questions more clearly in the future.

What happened to the business cards we collected at the fairs?
Which companies in the world have the stronger data. That's the question we need to know very well. We had companies that went to international fairs for many years. What happened to the business cards they collected there and said they wouldn't work? Now we learn what it means to have what it means to have events, congresses, fairs, magazine advertisements that we call useless spending or that we call unnecessary spending.

What is your brand strength? What data do you have? No one should think that products will be purchased from one hour of activities you do with live broadcasts. No one's doing that right now. Everyone's showing their strength. Who's coming on the air? How useful virtual fairs are.

Make a note of what we've written for the future. Participate in the fair in one or at least three countries in our country and you must have advertisements in industry publications. Said. If you have data, you're strong in digital. If your brand is known, you're strong in digital. Otherwise, we can say that the new model scorpion that is introduced into your digitalization pocket. We need to analyze digitalization very well. It's going to be a virtual world, but no one knows what it is yet. Our companies must include software engineers in their companies.

……… to meet in the next issue,


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