AYDIN SECTOR EXPORTS increased by 10 percent in September.


The annual and monthly growth rates of the lighting sector came in above expectations according to export data. In 2018, the work of industry representatives focused entirely on exports paid off, increasing exports by 9.54 percent year-on-year compared to the same period last year.

The lighting sector continues its rapid rise in exports. According to the company data obtained, the total export figure of the companies of 13.204.984.32-TL last year increased by 9.54% to TL 14,464,852.28 according to september 2017 data.

Our exports to Europe, especially in middle eastern countries, continue at the same pace. The most striking detail in the export figures is that it has been made to countries with internal turmoil in our region, such as Syria and Libya, which yearn for domestic peace.

Middle East and Africa are the leading companies especially in lighting products. The countries with the greatest declines were the Turkish republics and the Russian region. It is seen that the effect of the process that started with the plane crisis continues. Meanwhile, export rates to some European countries remain negative.

Lighting products produced in Turkey are exported to more than a hundred countries. Especially European countries are among our important export markets.In the 2018 data obtained, in the ranking of the countries we export the most; Libya, Oman, Qatar, Algeria, Bahrain, Nigeria, Djibouti, Uganda, Kenya, Peru, Colombia, Angola, Liberia, Benin, Mongolia, Ukraine, Portugal, Finland, Spain, Greece, Sweden, Hungary, Estonia and the Netherlands are the rankings.

In the ranking of the most exporting companies in the lighting sector for 2018; System Advertising Lighting, Avolux and EAE Lighting are coming. The top 20 include Gemins, Özcan Lighting, Pelsan, HPR, Lamp83, Optaled, Kreon Lighting, Vestel, Alkanlar and EEC Elektronik. In addition, companies that are well known in the field such as Borled and Group image are among those that are rising rapidly in exports. Kormetal, which manufactures automobile headlights, and AE Arma and Nivak Group, which carry out construction contracting works, are the other companies in the top twenty.


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