AGİd – LIGHTING OF TURKEY organized by the Lighting Equipment Manufacturers Association is the 50th anniversary of the growing with exports. Group Lighting Equipment Industry Professional Committee Extended Sector Meeting was held in ISO with intensive participation.

The meeting was attended by Umit Ünal, Istanbul Provincial Director of the Ministry of Industry and Technology, Mehmet Bozdemir, General Manager of Industrial Product Safety and Supervision of the Ministry of Industry and Technology, Mehmet Reşit Goghş, Chairman of the Lighting Professional Committee, Muharrem Akin, Chairman of the Lighting Professional Committee, Fahir Gök, Chairman of the AGİd and Member of the Lighting Professional Committee Mustafa Hastaoglu, Mehmet Özbakır and lighting industry companies.

Agid President Fahir gök, who led the session, said in the opening speech of the meeting that as an industry, they are working hard to contribute to the 2023 export target, and since our country is not a strong industrial country, we must increase production in a production-oriented industry approach. By switching to the production of value-added products, we need to know what their standards are and how to ensure financing. What should be done in exports so that fast distance is taken. We're going to talk about this here today. For the growth of the lighting sector, many studies have been carried out with the sector companies, and the lighting sector continues to grow in exports with its contribution in the state without being affected by external pressures."

Mehmet Bozdemir, General Manager of Industrial Product Safety and Inspection at the Ministry of Industry and Technology, gave information about the inspection of imported products at the meeting. In particular, he stated that they are working with TSE on increasing the number of laboratories and tightening the inspection of products. He also said that we have serious action plans for promoting energy-efficient products other than health-inconvenient products.
As the ministry, he stated that the process that started with supervision will become audit work more frequently after this, and the criminal sanctions will increase. Tareks stressed that the scope of the system will be expanded. We say that the missing issues must be identified, and that the ministry should guide us in this regard so that we can correct the situation that is missing from the legislation together. We need to achieve the 2023 target by correcting this together with industry firms. We say it is worth seeing you more often in 2019.

Ministry of Commerce General Directorate of Exports. The head of the Branding and R&D Supports Department, Gözde InanERİ, mentioned the support provided to the companies in exports as a ministry. In particular, he explained that the state provides 100% support for project-based and abroad studies.

Eximbank Marketing Manager Müg Deste and KOSGEB EU Coordination Manager Pinar Ray gave information about the support provided to the members.


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