The 4th R&D Center of the Lighting Industry belongs to Fiberli


It is the 4th place in the lighting industry and the 11th largest in Antalya. With Fiberli, which has been awarded the right to be an R&D center, the number of active R&D centers throughout Turkey has reached 678.
The R&D department, which has a young, educated and dynamic team of 30 people working with a technology, science and research-oriented approach to implement innovative ideas, has been awarded the right to become an "R&D Center" with the approval of the Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology. 4. The lighting industry. The R&D center will continue to work to maintain the competitive position of the Fiberli brand in the sector and put our country ahead in the technology race, and the Center will be the biggest support in product development processes and process improvement projects with the support of the laboratory, advanced software, design technologies within Fiberli.

Energy efficiency is the most important principle…
The brand, which has adopted energy efficiency, sustainable environment and savings philosophy while developing products and processes, is able to adapt to flexible demands and technological developments faster with its industrial design capabilities that work integrated with the R&D center.Fiberli plans to produce innovative, quality products that provide added value to its customers and to develop environmentally sensitive technologies and processes with this new structure.

Based on the fact that it is important to produce technology and information in the community, we give endless support to the R&D team and continue to invest in the future."


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