Lighting Equipment Manufacturers Association,


AGİd – Lighting Equipment Manufacturers Association was established in 1997 by 19 lighting fixture and component manufacturer companies in order to achieve the following basic objectives:

To create the identity awareness of the sector,
To develop individual and collective relations between representatives within the sector,
To increase institutional/academic relations through joint efforts and agreements,
To complete the process of compliance with international standards,
To ensure that Turkish producers are represented in the international market,
Protecting consumer rights.

In contrast to treating problems as individual companies, the AGİD defends the importance of solving them with a common synergy and strives to implement proper and fair competition in the lighting sector. Thus, he believes that collective cooperation will advance and personal relationships and friendships between member companies will be strengthened.
We can summarize the studies carried out in line with the above objectives as follows:

Joint projects were developed with various academic and professional organizations, thus strengthening relations with these institutions and ensuring the continuity and success of the development efforts of the AGİD members.
IstanbulLight fair, which was held as a joint venture with the Turkish National Committee, has been held regularly since 2002 and reached 6000 square meters in 2005. In addition, individual participations were made in international fairs as a result of our association taking on the role of organizer.
The booklet promoting agİd and its members, as well as Turkish Lighting Magazine, was published and distributed at home and abroad, thus making significant contributions to the promotions of our members abroad.
Our existing website has been renewed to make it dynamic, more comprehensive and effective. The most important feature of the new site is that it allows potential customers at home and abroad to access our members on a product basis.
In order to strengthen the opening of our members to foreign markets, the purchases of various certificates were coordinated and they were ensured to obtain Ukrainian quality certificates with Russia Gost-R.
A declaration created by our members together, explaining our basic principles and aimed at providing confidence to the consumer, has been published in important sectoral journals.
For now, an e-newsletter has been sent to an e-mail group created from domestic addresses, providing innovative and news of developments.
An e-brochure promoting our members in 3 languages has been prepared in digital environment to be distributed at national and international fairs.

As a result of its successful efforts and efforts in realizing its mission and basic objectives, AGİd has reached a size that represents an important part of the Turkish Lighting Sector in a short time.

Finally, we want you to know that AGİd is ready to help you when you want to get information about the Turkish Lighting Sector and agİd members or to establish/develop relations with national institutions.


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