It is our great pride to sell products to Italy, which is the center of lighting design


Before istanbul light 2017 fair, we asked Mr. Pelin Grit Sarı, Group Image Lighting Marketing Director about the developments in the sector and the work done by The Group Image.

Can you briefly mention your company?

Our company was founded in 1996 as a family company by Nevin and Hürriyet Grit. Our company, which produced ballast until 2007, started to work with distribution companies after 2008. Our company, which started to produce street and street lighting fixtures in 2010, has become the solution partner of turkey's leading companies in a very short time. The most important thing I can say for my company is that it is an R&D oriented company that produces solutions where the total customer cost will be the lowest and offers "problem-free" to its customers thanks to its fast service.

As a Turkish brand, our company exports its domestic goods production to many countries of the world, especially Europe, with its international certificates. For example, Italy is the important selling point of our led street lighting fixture, which was developed by our own R&D unit with tubitak support. Together with our partner in Italy, we carry out projects in Bari and Milan.

Our company offers technical consultancy and project consultancy to its business partners. Group Image Lighting produces in 2 different factories with professional management staff and 150 staff.

Will you have products that will take part in Istanbul Light 2017 for the first time?

It will be our Smart Pole project designed by our R&D department. We will be exhibiting our two new street fixture products for the first time. There are countries in the world that have started to use the smart pole project partially. You can do anything you want through a pole. Thanks to the connections inside, you can integrate many functions. Mobesse, Traffic Light, Signage, such as our business partners can make connections according to their wishes and we can produce them.

Can you tell us about the projects you carried out in 2017?

The most important projects for us in 2017 are Istanbul 3. It is the Airport Project and the Italy project. Istanbul, which is candidate to be the largest airport in Europe, is 3. Construction site lighting of the airport project is carried out by our company. We are proud to take part in this project, which is now closely followed even by foreign countries.

In exports, we realized our product, which was designed by our own R&D with the support of TUBITAK, in Italy together with our Italian partner. Our products are sold in many countries, but we consider it very important for our company to have products in Italy.

There has been serious competition in the sector in recent years. What would you like to say about that?

Competition is increasing day by day not only in the lighting sector but also in every sector in all countries around the world. While it is enough to produce anything in the pre-1980 period, especially thanks to globalization, the development of technology and rapid access to information, it is not enough to sell only to produce. At this point, all companies need to produce solutions beyond production. Drawing projects, making the product suitable for the project, training of the product and other supporting issues, giving the chance to be reached instantly, producing quick solutions, etc…. Another approach needs to be created from the supplier customer relationship. Naturally, this is reflected in both product and production costs. Not only lighting, but buyers in all sectors demand to get the best quality in the most suitable way. This leads to both the emergence of new competitors and the rapid change of dynamics. Therefore, it is necessary to continue to run and learn continuously in order not to lose the competitive advantage without forgetting the philosophies of continuous development, transformation, change.

Which countries do you expect visitors from at Istanbul Light Fair?

Istanbul Light fair is undoubtedly very important for us and for the lighting industry. When you look at Turkey's geopolitical position, it is a great advantage for the participants that such a fair is the only lighting fair.Our goal is especially for visitors from Europe and the Middle East. We are currently exporting to these countries. We want to improve our portfolio with new visitors coming in.

How was 2017 for Group Image.?

2017 has started very difficultly for both our sector and our country. The negativity in 2016 is a difficult year for 2017 due to the impact of a significant election in the first quarter of 2017. Despite the negatives such as coups, terrorism and elections, we can say that we are having a good 2017. We are having a much more positive year in both domestic market and exports than in 2016. Being growing up despite all the negativity has been a source of motivation for us and my teammates.

Is there anything you'd like to add?

Thank you for your support to the industry. I wish success in the publication life of the Journal of Technical Lighting.


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