Let's Not Become a Trial Place for Poor Quality Products


While it is a modest company in Karabuk, Agartan Energy transitions to the electricity sector with the products it produces over time. The vision and production of an international meeting in Istanbul changes with the closure of the insurance covers of the lighting and electricity poles with the body open due to the security risk. Chairman of the Board of Directors mustafa özağartan explained the features of lighting poles from the past to the present. Especially by fulfilling the promise of quality and what we can do, he said, we have come to these days.

Can you tell us about Agartan Energy?

Agartan Energy was founded in 1972 by my father Sabri ÖZAĞARTAN to produce copper thermosiphones in Karabuk. It is the company that established the first copper bath boiler in the Western Black Sea region. In 2005, we started to manufacture insurance covers used in TEDAS. We applied this patented product to lighting poles in 75 provinces. Again, we produce our energy safety skittle product, which is patented by us. We have purchased the Turkish patent of the 100% unwinding bolt, which is a LOCK BOLT patented product from a world-famous Japanese company. Since LOCK BOLT is a personalized product, we continue our productions in this way.

Agartan Energy is known today as a company that produces important power poles. How did you start producing poles?

When we made the insurance covers that we gave to TEDAS, the poles were created as if we were manufacturing them. Actually, we were working on security. This image led us to produce directly. Instead of producing serial lighting poles as in the market, we carried out tailor-made special boutique project works. So to speak, we chose tailoring and not apparel. During this time, we successfully manufactured the lighting poles of very important projects.

In recent years, we have successfully delivered the installation and manufacture of lighting poles of the July 15 Martyrs Bridge. The poles we built for this project were specially designed. Normal lighting poles shake a lot from the top. Thanks to the special material we used in these poles, we prevented rocking from the bottom and maintained the strength and robustness of the poles.

Nearly 50% of the lighting poles made in Istanbul are moldy due to excessive humidity. This accelerates the wear and tear of the poles. We applied a flushing system to prevent puddles from forming on the poles on the July 15 Martyrs Bridge. Since the bridge has a steel structure, water landing on the body can cause damage. Damages caused by the siphon are prevented.

What are the problems with the existing lighting poles?

Especially the poles need to take the tapered shape and go through it. You can see that most of the road poles have broken consoles. The most important reason for this is the poor carriers. This harms living things. Consoles are installed later on existing poles. This causes relaxations. You can see the fixtures shaking, the lids open, and most of them do not burn. This problem is especially noticeable on the poles on the Golden Horn Bridge. The July 15 Martyrs Bridge, which we built in 2009, does not have such a problem at the moment.

It is necessary to use bolts that do not loosen in resonant places. Bolts to be used at the bottom of the pole must be selected very well. One of the reasons we have signed with LOCK BOLT as a company is that it is used as part of our business. This will cause a loss of balance to the pole in the future, resulting in a short lifespan of the fixtures.

What are the differences between highway lighting poles and street lighting poles? What to look out for

Highway poles are of particular importance for driver safety. The light flow must be designed so as not to disturb the drivers. It should also be noted that it does not have a zebra effect. The Zebra effect is particularly damaging to the driver. Driver safety is that the poles provide very good light flow. For this reason, 14 meter size poles need to be used.

On the streets, it will be more convenient to use 4 and 6 meters poles. Since our streets are narrow, it is necessary to choose the product accordingly. Hot dip galvanizing is essential in products. Recently, painted poles have been used a lot. This affects the quality of the poles. The quality of painted poles must be examined. In the past, concrete pillars were used on our highways. Since there was no yawning at the time of the accident, it was putting the lives of the drivers at risk in a way. Over time, the world became used by metal poles. However, the use of poor quality painted poles has increased in third world countries. Paint, together with moisture, causes mold on the poles and reduces the safety of the pole.

What are your thoughts on LED conversion?

When LED products entered Turkey, there were not many inspections in this regard. Suddenly we're an LED dump. The LED is heavier and provides more light than sodium steam fixtures. Since the products with LEDs will focus on the consoles with wind intensity, they will cause failure by stretching the poles. But since we don't have control, the quality of the poles will decrease. When I went to the fair in Germany, I was intrigued by a light pole from World War II on the street of the house I was staying in. The product is still active. It is changed directly when it becomes completely unusable over time. However, in 10 years, such poles are changed 4-5 times. Quality and control again stand out here. We're not as rich as Germany. However, foreigners apply the materials they will use in a project after long trials and tests. LED lighting products are newly used on the roads at the Frankfurt fairgrounds.

It doesn't matter if you do a job. There's aging in poles. If you do not perform this test, these poles will create extra costs. For this reason, we must test the products with LEDs that enter our country. Imported products must be inspected. In order for a quality-based understanding, not a price-based one, to be settled, the state must also set some standards.

Instead of using a wide variety of products, the state or public service companies need to move forward with a few products with a certain standard. Especially decorative products started to be used in street lighting. These need to be examined well in terms of quality. Due to the lack of a standard, it causes light pollution and energy consumption.

We often see products being replaced before the time comes. This increases costs. It is necessary to replace an expired product when it has no functional features. In countries such as the Netherlands, poles are made according to the quality and conditions of the region. It is imperative that different poles and lighting are provided to the Black Sea region and different poles and lighting to the Mediterranean region. Today, the street lighting in Besiktas and Kuzguncuk should not be the same. For example, since Ravencuk keeps the culture of the 1870s alive, you can't get up and make a modern lighting with LED.

Where's the lighting industry going?

We are a developing country. First of all, we have to position ourselves somewhere. As a country, we should not become a testing ground for poor quality products. Products registered in Europe or another country must be used. I think all kinds of products should be prevented from entering this country. This change will continue with the LED. Individual lighting, intelligent lighting and digitization will spread rapidly to cities. We haven't created the technological infrastructure yet. It is essential to reduce the dependence on technical products needed for lighting. The community must be informed about lighting.

What are your goals as a company?

To do your job well and pass on your service to future generations. We want him to have a name. A name that realizes the firsts with our patented products and knows how to deserve the work it does by prioritizing quality.



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