Legrand provides maximum energy saving efficiency with lighting managements


Legrand, which develops products and systems for building electricity and digital infrastructures, continues to grow in a sustainable way with its solution proposals to its users. Lighting management, which is a reflection of Legrand innovation; it operates on the principle of adjusting the lighting time according to the presence of movement in the environment and supports energy saving.

Legrand continues to take part in living spaces with its innovative products that contribute to the sustainable world. With lighting managements that adjust the light level according to the movement, Legrand saves energy by preventing unnecessary light consumption.

Legrand lighting management, which adapts to every living space with its two different solution recommendations according to the type of detection and application area, helps its user save 60 percent according to EN 15193 standard. The location is an important criterion for the best results of the sensors used for lighting management, which are divided into independent solutions and BUS I SCS solutions. In addition, the activity of presence and absence, the placement of walls, doors and windows, the use of natural light of the space, and the decoration of the items inside the space are some of the important elements in the selection of lighting management.

Can control lighting according to the light level in the environment

Motion sensors, another element that constitute lighting managements, are also easily used where there is a natural light source and/or not. These sensors, which control lighting according to the level of light in the environment, are one of the suitable options for offices. Sensors that can operate in occupancy and vacancy modes can also be easily adjusted with configuration devices. Lighting managements that provide HVAC output and curtain blind control meet the user with legrand assurance.


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