Makel Group of Companies delivered 84 vehicles to its business partners who participated in the vehicle campaign in the second half of the year with ceremonies in Istanbul Ankara, Kayseri and Burdur.  As part of the legendary vehicle campaign, Makel delivered commercial and passenger vehicles to its owners as part of the campaign.The campaign included Mercedes, BMW, Mini, Cooper, Opel, Ford Transit and Ford Tourneo Courier vehicles.

Makel, which made all preparations to deliver the vehicles they deserved in December to the business partners who qualified to buy vehicles in the vehicle campaign, delivered a total of 84 vehicles in Ankara, Kayseri, Burdur and Istanbul, respectively. In addition to the vehicles, 34 open-case electric motorcycles were delivered to their buyers this year as part of the campaign.The intense interest in electric vehicles has not gone unnoticed.

Dealer Channel Sales Manager Yakup AVCI, Turkey Sales Manager Hamit YILDIZBAS and Marketing Officer Soner YILDIZ participated in the organizations for vehicle deliveries. The first ceremony was held in Ankara, then in Kayseri, Burdur and most recently in Istanbul. After the ceremony, meals were organized for the business partners who received their vehicles. Business partners who met with Makel executives at the dinner were also informed about their 2018 targets. Officials said 2018 will be Makel's year.

In the vehicle campaign, which is also very high, Makel stated that the campaigns will continue in 2018 and said that they will be in front of their customers with new surprises in sales and marketing.


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