Increased Tubermish in Led Lighting Fixtures


Vestel brand is one of the first domestic and national companies that comes to mind when we say technological products in our country. We talked with Kıvanç Işık, Deputy General Manager of Corporate Sales of the company that develops products for the lighting sector, about the sector, the products and activities that they produce as Vestel LED lighting.

Can you briefly talk about Vestel Lighting?
As one of turkey's most established technology companies, we have been transferring our outstanding experience in the fields of electronics, white goods, digital products, information technology and defense industries to the LED lighting sector since 2012. In the LED category, our product portfolio consists of domestic and external office, commercial and industrial LED lighting products and we export these products as well as domestic sales. We carry out our R&D studies and production in Vestel City, one of the largest complexes in Europe produced in one location in Europe.

In order for all institutions and individual projects of our country to reach the highest technology, we continue our activities with our expert team in the field of lighting within vestel project partner, which was implemented in April 2018. We work on company-specific products and services by putting our business partner and needs in our center. First of all, we determine the project needs by doing an exploration tour and design products that are suitable for the need. We take care to project the most suitable products in the most accurate way and offer flexible and varied payment alternatives for project investment costs. As at every stage, we continue to provide quality services after sales.

What products was Vestel Lighting at the forefront in 2018?
In 2018, vestel lighting focused on high wattage and high efficiency projectors, high ceiling fixtures and street lighting fixtures due to the fact that its focus is on the project solution due to the vestel project partner structure.

What can you tell us about your service policy? What makes your brand different?
We carry out all the processes of our products from R&D to design and production in our own structure. In this way, when a technical or design change is required in special projects, we can respond to the requests in a short time. Sometimes we can even almost recreated the product and offer the same product with different features. All this gives us a competitive advantage both technically and designally. Our products designed by our design team received Platinum and Gold design awards with 2 products in the 'Lighting Products and Projects Design' category in the 'A Design Awards' competition. In all the projects we carry out, our product proposals are presented by our design expert project design team. In this way, we can provide the most efficient lighting in the projects we work on as soon as possible. With these services, we have become the industry leader in the LED lighting market in Turkey.

What kind of activities do you focus on in order to increase your market share?
As Vestel LED lighting, we have an R&D team of over 40 people. We are constantly working on new products and developing our existing products by leveraging the power of our R&D to increase our market share. With new product groups, we turn to sales channels where we are not active. As an example, we have signed serious projects such as Akhisar Organized Industrial Zone and Zeytinburnu Municipality LED street lighting, Bursa Yenişehir Airport lighting, Sheraton, Hilton Bomonti Hotel, Renault, Honda, Toyota Warehouse, ETİ, Eregli Iron and Steel Factories, Oil Office lighting, which we renewed in 2018. In order to increase our market share, we should not skip the work of our marketing team. With our marketing activities, we are constantly expanding our business network by effectively delivering all our work to our existing and potential customers.

What do you think is the most important issue in the world on an industry-by-sector basis right now?
If we consider it technologically, the efficiency of LED lighting fixtures increases every year. In design terms, flexible designs stand out. There is a market where modular products are more popular, products offered with single case and different installation shapes are preferred. In addition, the dimensions of lighting products are being reduced.

What would you like to say about the development of the sector? What are the problems you have with your industry and what are your suggestions for solving them?
The LED lighting market in Turkey is very wide and has a high potential. We believe that the future of both Turkey and the world is in energy-efficient LED lighting technology. However, we can say that our country is now lagging behind in terms of spread and quality compared to Europe in terms of led lighting use. At the moment, we see that the biggest problem of the LED lighting sector is the import of uncontrolled LED lighting due to the lack of sectoral standards at the desired level. This is causing poor quality products to enter the market and undermining consumer confidence. As Vestel, we believe that growth and development should be carried out in accordance with world standards. In this respect, the customs sanctions that started to be implemented at the end of 2017 will have a very positive effect. Thanks to these new customs inspections implemented by the Ministry of Commerce, LED lighting products that are tried to be imported to our country in accordance with quality standards and/or documents that do not contain accurate information are prevented. With the decrease in the number of poor quality products on the market, the applications that fail in a short time will be replaced by better quality LED lighting applications and users will increase their satisfaction with LED lighting products. This application will also enable the sector to develop and grow in a quality way.


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