Makel, which has been continuing its activities in the electrical materials sector for 41 years with 100% domestic capital, has been producing as a domestic company in LED lighting systems in Turkey as a result of its investments for some time.

 Economy Minister Nihat Zeybekci, who visited Makel's LED lighting factory, noted the importance of domestic and national production.

Makel, which has been steadily maintaining its growth in the electrical materials sector since 1977, welcomed Economy Minister Nihat Zeybekci today at the first domestic LED lighting factory, which continues to grow and invest. Minister Zeybekci, who visited led lighting production facilities in the Factory and received information from the authorities, was joined by Makel Chairman Necati Caliskan, the board of directors, Makel General Manager Hakan Ozturk and senior executives.

During the visit, Caliskan noted that LED lighting products in the Turkish market are imported. Makel Chairman Necati Caliskan continued his speech." With our LED Lighting investment, which we have realized with great dedication, we aim to meet 20% of LED lighting products in Turkey in the first place.

We plan to reach a wide network in the overseas LED lighting products market while increasing our share in the domestic market in the future. Today, we export to over fifty countries. Our primary goal has always been to create added value to our country. In this sense, we are very pleased to be a pioneer while signing another domestic production in our country. We were further encouraged by the visit of our Economy Minister, Mr. Nihat Zeybekci, to our factory." Said.


Economy Minister Nihat Zeybekci, who visited Makel's LED lighting factory in Istanbul – Esenyurt, congratulated the Makel family on the investment made at the domestic production point and mentioned the importance of national production. Minister Zeybekci continued his speech:

"From the products and production conditions we see in the factory, Makel is on the right track. We hope that the company will become a global regional giant in the future. The world is changing fast.Now we have reached a point where software, systems have been developed so that everything becomes respised and controllable. We can manage a street, even a single streetlight, through intelligent systems. After a while, consumers will provide almost all their needs in electronic environments and from there they will find solutions. The world is sharply divided into two. They produce and consume. The producers are the dominant consumers and the countries that permissively disappear."

Making key groups, group sockets, switch products, insurance boxes, accessories, smart home systems, industrial products electrical meters and LED lighting products on a closed area of 45 thousand square meters, Makel has over 17 thousand product types including switches – sockets, smart home and automation systems, switch & industrial products and counters.




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