LAMP 83's brand new trading platform "My Partner LAMP 83"


Lamp 83's e-commerce platform "LAMP 83", which has received great attention since the day it was launched for commercial professionals of the lighting industry , is expanding its service network with new partners.

Lamp 83, which has achieved many firsts in the Turkish lighting sector during its 55-year history, has received great attention from industry professionals "My Business Partner LAMP 83", a new milestone in the sector. In its first weeks of operation, corporate membership requests continue to come from different regions of Turkey to the platform, which has added a total of six business partners from Istanbul, Ankara and Sakarya provinces.

Lamp 83 Partners who are members of the platform where the products of the distinguished world brands distributed by LAMP 83 are included in the platform with the products produced according to The European Union standards and reach the level of energy efficiency of A++ can benefit from lamp 83's usual product & service quality whole online 24/7 without obligations such as stock keeping, annual turnover commitment, letter of guarantee, etc.

Member companies within the scope of the platform implemented with a limited number of member quotas in 81 provinces; see product/stock information online; be able to carry out all business and transactions online from order to shipment; different payment options; very convenient shipping costs; Receiving lighting project service from LAMP 83; it can have many commercial advantages such as being able to directly promote the company and reference projects on the pages allocated to them.

Industry professionals who are tired of unfair competition, who have profitability problems, who suffer due to the insolvency of the after-sales complaints and problems of the brands and products they have to sell, who are struggling with the negativity caused by LED products that are inefficient and rapidly deteriorating in terms of energy use, have a high interest in this new e-commerce platform. Therefore, the LAMP 83 My Business Partner team is now busy evaluating applications from all corners of Turkey under the principle of "First come, first evaluated".

We welcome all lighting companies who want to be one of the distinguished members of the "Lamp 83" electronic commerce platform and take advantage of all these advantages to address to apply.


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