LAMP 83 welcomed visitors from 52 different countries on six continents at the Light + Building fair held in Frankfurt from March 18th to 23rd.

Lamp 83's presence at Light + Building, the world's most important lighting and building technology fair, dates back to the days of Hanover in 1996. An average of 220,000 people visited the fair, which included around 2,700 companies as participants.
LAMP83, the only Turkish interior lighting company in the third hall with the largest companies in Europe, exhibited 38 different products in its 150 m2 wide stand and its applications designed according to the lighting space and desired functions in seven different sections.
Visitors of LAMP 83 had the opportunity to experience functional lighting applications and product-specific LED solutions with innovative products that include rational solutions for different sectors or places such as outdoor ceiling system, retail stores, offices, Human Oriented Lighting desired venues and restaurants, and to control all these products with mobile devices through special application.
Visitors to the stand, which was designed by Tuhan Architecture and where a total of 65 products were exhibited, also had the chance to see the latest point of the technology of revitalizing the extraordinary projects carried out by LAMP 83 with the virtual reality application developed in con convention of digital project partner Argus Medya, apart from the DIALux EVO software.

Lamp 83 Group Sales Manager Serhan Acar said, "We have successfully completed Light+Building, the biggest meeting of this year in the international arena. From Brazil to Taiwan; We have welcomed visitors from 52 countries on six continents, from the USA to Morocco, finland to New Zealand. We shared with them the innovations of LAMP 83, which is developing and growing day by day in the international arena. Our new product families, human-oriented lighting applications, as well as lighting automation solutions for offices and retail sector, received great attention and gained the appreciation of everyone who visited our booth. While we had the chance to meet with our distributors in Europe and the Middle East during the fair, we also laid the foundations for new distributorship and cooperation opportunities on behalf of our company, which has grown steadily in recent years and increased its export volume. We are very pleased with the interest we have received and the positive reactions we have received at this fair, which has been very productive for us. We will continue to work hard to conclude the opportunities we have had by making the best use of the post-fair period."


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