Most of the lighting of the 98,000 m2 hospital opened by ACIBADEM, the leading brand in the health sector, in Altunizade was undertaken by LAMP 83, which supplied more than 14,000 products to the project.

Acıbadem Altunizade Hospital , the 22nd hospital of Acıbadem Health Group, provides services with technical infrastructure, medical technology, health professionals in all specialties and featured centers. Acıbadem Altunizade Hospital, which is the "private hospital" with the largest indoor area in Turkey with a closed area of 98 thousand m² and a capacity of 350 beds, resembles a 5-star hotel rather than a hospital with features such as children's playground, cafeteria, hairdresser, shopping area. Thanks to its very modern technological infrastructure and privileged services to its patients, the hospital is planned to be a new and important attraction center for international health tourism.

Evaluating lamp 83's work within the scope of the project on behalf of Acıbadem Project Management, Sepken Celik said that in addition to providing the light level and color that we are technically looking for, the products of 'LAMP 83' have stood out as more of a decorative lighting element than a visually technical lighting. Thanks to the successful use of different diffusers or reflectors in the products, without changing the perception in the visual sense; the transitions between different locations or architectural areas were successful."

Celik stated that they prefer LAMP 83 because it can meet both visual and technical demands and needs throughout the project, and concluded by saying, 'It was a great comfort for us to work with LAMP 83, which produces quick solutions on everything the project needs in a budgetary sense as well as technical issues such as lighting calculation and product design as our solution partner throughout the project.'

LAMP 83 Sales Group Manager Serhan Acar said, 'We are very happy to work for the largest hospital of Acıbadem, one of the most prestigious brands in the health sector. In this extraordinary project, which resembles a luxury hotel or convention center, we have modified some of our products in order to meet technical and visual needs, while designing some products from scratch just for this project. Thanks to the synergy captured with Acıbadem Project Management and Metex Design Group during the process, we have successfully completed a project that is actually very difficult."


Within the targets given to LAMP 83 by Acıbadem Project Management and Metex Design Group for the project, with mri, ultrasound etc. fields that are completely medical;  corridors, receptions, counters, food and drink areas, waiting rooms, etc. where people roamed and relaxed were separated in terms of lighting. In these areas, 3000K was preferred as a light color to make people feel at home or in a comfortable social environment, rather than in hospital. Thus, in these general areas of use, the level of visual comfort was increased and a sense of a comfortable environment was captured.

In places where both medical and rest areas intersect, such as the patient room, barrisol was preferred on patient beds, while visual use and lighting devices, which were highlighted as design language throughout the hospital, were also included in the rooms. Decorative lighting devices used in general spaces contributed more to the space in terms of light effect and visual sense.

LAMP 83, which assumes responsibility for technical lighting of this huge project, worked with Mimar Sinan Kafadar and Architect Didem Caliskan Gençsoy, the owner of Metex Design Group, in coordination with Electrical Engineer Sepken Celik from Acıbadem Project Management. LAMP 83 has produced over 14,000 pieces of lighting devices of 50 different types for Acıbadem Altunizade Hospital , both with mass production standard products and special product solutions developed according to the needs of the project.

LAMP 83 has produced 50 different types of lighting devices for the project, mostly project-specific special designs, in built-in, plaster, spotlight and exterior lighting types. In addition, some products of the Italian company Goccia, with which LAMP 83 has collaborated for more than 20 years, were also used outdoors.



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