KOÇTAŞ TECHNOLOGY, which is the Distributor of the most important brands in the world in Turkey, has moved to its new building in Ikitelli. Koçtaş Technology Vice President Muharrem Turmuş gave information about the company's activities to our journal.

Koç Technology, which provides product supply to the Lighting, Defense Industry, Health and Energy sectors, continues to grow with additional new investments in its existing product range by moving to its new building.

Can you briefly give information about Koçtaş technology?

Koçtaş Technology Ltd. was established 22 years ago with the aim of being a distributor in high technologies. Mean well power supplies and Samsung led companies successfully continue their distributorships in Turkey.

What's changed since you moved into the new building.

Previously, we had problems with fast delivery as our company headquarters and warehouses were in different lotions. Ikitelli organized industry, our 5300 square meter building on the Enkoop site solved our problem in this regard and also increased our efficiency considerably. We currently have approximately 2200 item products in stock

We have also started to move quite quickly in terms of product delivery and all products can be delivered on the same day.

Can you tell us about the innovations in the companies you represent?

Koçtaş Technology Ltd. closely follows the developments in LED as it cooperates with leading companies in led chip and led driver.

Due to its high savings and longevity in the lighting sector, LEDs have started to be used extensively. Mean Well continuously offers innovations in LED drives and develops products for automation companies with control units such as KNX and DALI. Lighting automation and control products are of great importance in smart cities to prevent light pollution but also to contribute to savings.

Samsung LED is one of the companies that plays a key role in the development of LED products, the priority of which is telecom products. New products are being developed for designers of lighting products free of harmful lights to the eye, and these products produce intermediate materials in combination with building automations.

With the combination of products of the two companies, high quality, affordable innovative LED products such as plant LEDs (hotriculture LEDs) have started to be designed.

How do you perform your marketing activities?

Marketing and after-sales services are among the most powerful issues of Koçtaş Technology. A dealership network has been established for our customers to reach our products locally as soon as possible and this system works very well. Our sales engineers and dealers who are looking at the seven regions in our organization are constantly informed about the innovations. In addition, our products are introduced to users by participating in at least two domestic fairs during the year, one of which is automation and the other lighting. Since the Samsung brand is a well-known brand, it does not need much marketing. However, fair participations and magazine advertisements are used extensively in mean well led driver.

What are your sectoral collaborations? Can you tell us about your work?

Our company sells technological products. Engineering knowledge is needed to deliver these products. As a company, we have membership in agİd association, the umbrella organization of the sector. In addition, our ATMK membership, in which the university and the private sector cooperate, continues actively. We take part in the events. The close collaboration with Mean Well power supplies and Samsung LED, which we are representative of, provides our company with intensive information about developments all over the world and what technologies will stand out in the future. We act in close cooperation by sharing this information with institutions such as TEDAŞ, Istanbul Energy and Isbak, which set standards in the lighting sector. Since our name is technology, in a sense we provide information flow to our companies for the future.



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