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Kendal Elektrik, which is at the forefront of the LED Lighting sector after 18 years, is happy and proud to be an international Turkish brand.   Kendal Elektrik, which has increased its product diversity to 3000 with its investments in R&D and innovation, makes a big difference in the market by producing products that are specific to demand in addition to standard production. The company, which produces with the latest system technologies in its modern and integrated factory in Silivri, Istanbul, produces products with international quality standards.

Fırat Kendal AKSOY, founder and Chairman of the Board of Directors of the company that managed to make Kendal Elektrik a world brand, said that "the first condition for existence as a manufacturer is to know the LED well".

"We are proud to be a Turkish brand preferred by quality in many countries of the world", we talked about Kendal Elektrik and its investments related to the future with Chairman Fırat Kendal AKSOY and Sales and Marketing Manager Serkan DemİrTAŞ.

Can you tell us about Kendal Electric's corporate history?

We have left behind 18 years of success in our sector. We have always prioritized customer satisfaction in this journey by selling the products we imported wholesale in 2000. Today, we continue production with approximately 150 employees in our modern and integrated factory in Silivri. We strive to provide our customers with the most suitable solutions in terms of energy saving, efficiency, quality, lifespan and durability.

We export 50% of our production.

Kendal Electric develops, projects and manufactures LED solutions for stores, shopping malls, offices, hotels, residences and other structures in accordance with standard or need.

Our products are getting a lot of attention at home and abroad. Although it varies periodically, we export around 50 percent of our production. We have a sales office in Karaköy. We continue our work with many dealers at home and abroad.


As Kendal Elektrik, we have realized over 3000 product types with 100% domestic production for indoor lighting; SMD &Cob We produce spotlights, downlight, panel lighting, next generation Led Etanj, store lighting, and linear lighting fixtures outdoors, power led wallwashers, projectors, street fixtures. In addition, there is a serious demand for so-called "downlight" products. LED downlight products are also preferred inside the residences. These fixtures have become rapidly widespread, especially in common areas such as corridors, floor halls, social areas. Because we foresee that these products, which have a long life and less electricity consumption in such regions, will be used intensively in residential areas within 2-3 years. In the newly built houses, LED products have started to be preferred even during the construction phase, it seems that the existing fixtures will go towards replacing them with LED ones.
We carry out original designs specific to projects

We take care of the special designs that come to us in line with the demands of our customers. Each company has its own lines and we have many products that can respond to them. These products help companies differentiate from others and have their own style. Nowadays, every company is looking for a solution of its own. This is the case not only for lighting, but also for many other issues. Since we are manufacturers, we are able to respond quickly to such requests.

Why do giant projects prefer Kendal Electric?

Construction companies are primarily looking for reliable suppliers. They prefer to work with companies that can deliver their products on time, where they can find spare parts when needed and when necessary, with continuity. Considering that the lifespan of a construction project can be 50 years, it is very important to find partners who will not have difficulty or difficulty when products are broken or need to change. Each company wants its own construction project to be different, special from the others. One of the important points that provides this is lighting products. Lighting products, which distinguish from others with their color and design, are among the points that most support the private project, private housing and private workplace discourses of the companies. In other words, your products should be both different, special and energy efficient. Therefore, companies want to see you as a solution partner. We believe that we are such a company.

Mr. Serkan, can you tell us about your new investments and goals?

Under the umbrella of Kendal Elektrik A.Ş., we plan to bring new products for the lighting sector to our country. We attach great importance to branding, so we plan to focus on the right points by separating our target audience. For example, our GLOBAL brand will be aimed mostly at public housing, while another brand, K2, will have served hotels, shopping malls and residences. In this way, we will continue our way with strong steps by bringing different brands to the sector. In this sense, our R&D studies continue rapidly. Our goal is to make a difference in the sector by maintaining our place in the lighting sector and creating new brands and to bring new products to our sector by closely following the developing technology in order to give people brighter days.


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