Kendal Electricity Accelerated Its Investments during the Pandemic Period.


Kendal Elektrik, which domesticates its product diversity with its recent Lighting product investments, aims to have a greater say in exports.

Kendal Electric Lighting, which started its journey in 1998 with the mission of producing the best and highest quality products, has provided lighting solutions in many public and private institution projects from the past to the present, and produces original products that prioritize economic, ergonomic, environmentally sensitive, aesthetic and architectural values.

Kendal Elektrik manufactures led bulbs, flemish rush bulbs, under-plaster LED panels and spotlights, LED projectors, LED ethange, LED street fixtures, led walwasher, stalactite chandeliers, led store spotlights, decorative linear fixtures in its facilities consisting of a total of 22,000 m2 . With its young and dynamic staff of 250 people, it produces 60 million LED bulbs and 15 million LED lighting products annually. Kendal electric, which carries out all stages of production within itself, successfully brings different technologies together with its expert staff. Its production departments include Molding, Pressing, laser cutting, CNC cutting and bending, plastic injection, laser welding and electrostatic powder coating plant. Kendal Elektrik, which sees it as a mission to spread and integrate robot technology into all processes of production with its accurate and high quality production approach for led bulb production, has the largest capacity fully automatic SMD typesetting plant in the Lighting sector in Turkey, fully automatic LED bulb production facility, fully automatic LED packaging, assembly lines and aging lines.

Kendal electric has the first and only automation C35 spark plug production facility in Turkey. We established turkey's first and only Rustic flaming bulb production in 2021. It is also the first Rustic flaming bulb production plant established in Europe.

We brought automation 60×60 LED panel production, which is also a first, to Turkey in 2019. Our company also showed that we take community responsibility seriously, scoring a record 97 out of 100 from an audit conducted in the Electronics Sector according to RBA standards.

LM79 Test, Gonyofotometer test, Spectrophotometer test, IP test, IK test, Humidity test and electrical safety tests are applied in the lighting laboratory accredited by the Turkish accreditation agency. Kendal Elektrik also has domestic product certificate, TSE, ENEC, EAC, ISO9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001 quality certificates and standards, both local and international.

Kendal Elektrik, which contributes to the country's economy by exporting to 40 different countries around the world with its high product quality and rich product diversity, provides design and design services to chain stores, project and construction companies with computer-aided programs with 250 dealers located in 81 provinces of Turkey.

Kendal, which has signed on to many projects from the past to the present, has been the light of the structures by providing lighting solutions for electric offices, factories, business centers, hospitals, public buildings, schools, shopping malls, stations, transportation networks roads and parks. Offering environmentally friendly and economical products, Kendal electric continues the artistic application of light with its pioneering technological products.

We realize that light can be an idea that brings people together, that lighting is a smart tool used to connect objects, that we create more reliable and smarter cities with lighting, that we perform the artistic application of light in order to have a more livable world.


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