Pelsan Signature at IstanbulLight Fair…


Pelsan Lighting, one of the largest manufacturers of the Turkish lighting industry, participated in the IstanbulLight Fair held at istanbul exhibition center between 19 – 22 September 2018.

More than 8,000 people from many professional groups such as architects, urban planners and civil engineers from the Middle East, Africa, Eastern Europe, the Balkans, CIS countries visited the IstanbulLight Fair, which is held annually with about 250 participants.

Pelsan Lighting brought its newly added LEDli products to its visitors in 9 different groups under the headings Office Fixtures, Downlights, Ceiling Fixtures, Ethane Fixtures, High Ceiling Fixtures, Projectors, Road and Street Fixtures, Wallwasher and Linear Fixtures.

Rio LEDli Road and Street Lighting Fixtures, which are among the products exhibited at the fair and produced in accordance with TEDAŞ specifications, became one of the products that attracted the most attention of visitors. Following technological developments closely, Pelsan Lighting has taken the concept of lighting to the next level by using Smart Communication Systems in road and street fixtures. With Remote controlled systems with Wi-Fi, as well as Rio LEDli Road and Street Fixtures that enable communication using Nema sockets, remote control of fixtures, setting the light level and instantaneous monitoring of usage data via maps without the need for additional wiring.

Pelsan, which blends its wide product range with technology, offers lighting solutions suitable for every place with its professional products. Pelsan Lighting, which is the first company that comes to mind in the sector especially in industrial lighting solutions, became the center of attention with the new high ceiling fixture and new ethane fixture introduced at the fair. The new Forza emphasizes the ease of installation with Ethane and offers an alternative to users with LEDli and LED tube options. Highlighting efficiency with the new Etna LEDli High Ceiling Fixture, Pelsan produces durable fixtures suitable for harsh plant conditions. Largo Ex-Proof Ethane Fixture, which was launched to visitors at the fair, is specially designed for environments at risk of dust and gas explosions and is suitable for use in high-risk environments such as petrol stations, power plants, chemical plants, paint mills and boiler rooms.

Pelsan Lighting, which took its place at the fair with a wide participation with the Members of the Board of Directors, export, project and R&D unit, shared detailed information about its products to its visitors. Pelsan Lighting, which was acclaimed by the visitors of the 2018 product catalog where LED light-sourced fixtures are explained with technical details, shared the measurement results made in the accredited laboratory with its visitors and presented its work under the roof of R&D to its visitors with examples.


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