IstanbulLight 2018 Is a Light for Young People and the Future


IstanbulLight International Lighting and Electrical Materials Fair was among the supporters of the 'Bright Future, Future with Young People' project. The social responsibility project, which was laid at IstanbulLight Fair in 2017, brings together fine arts high school painting students and vocational and technical anatolian high school electronics department students in Balikesir. Thus, it aims to train qualified professionals who will create the LED designs and systems of the future with the synergy of aesthetic and technical fields. The success and future targets created in the first year of the project will be presented to the sector within the scope of the fair.

11, organized by the UBM Turkey. IstanbulLight International Lighting and Electrical Materials Fair and Congress decided to support the 'Bright Future, Future with Young People' project. IstanbulLight 2018, which will be held at the Istanbul Exhibition Center on 19-22 September 2018, will play a leading role in the development of the project.

The 'Bright Future, Future with Young People' project, which was launched with the aim of bringing competent professionals to the lighting sector, which is one of turkey's locomotive sectors with steady growth, achieved critical success in the first year. Within the scope of the project, T.C in Balikesir. Ziraat Bank Fine Arts High School Painting students and IMKB Vocational and Technical Anatolian High School Electronics Department students have the opportunity to develop technical and aesthetic issues in the field of lighting with cross-education. Students who develop projects with the support of their teachers are encouraged to implement the lighting ideas of the future.

Ubm EMEA IstanbulLight Brand Director Mehmet Shopci stated that thanks to the 'Bright Future, Future with Young People' project, a concrete solution is offered to the needs of equipped professionals, which is a very vital need in the sector. This also applies to the lighting industry. Especially with LED lighting systems, the need for professionals with aesthetic and technical knowledge is increasing rapidly. The 'Bright Future, Future with Young People' project, which was implemented as a first for our country in Balikesir, is a silver lining for our sector in this sense. It provides our young people with the opportunity to create a stronger career and provides answers to the workforce needs of lighting companies. The ideas and projects implemented by the students in the first year are promising. We believe that with the support of UBM EMEA, the project will grow stronger. We are proud to serve both our young people and our industry in this way."

In IstanbulLight 2017, They observed the need in the sector and laid the foundations of the project, said Ahmet Keskin, Electronics Teacher at Balikesir İmKB Vocational and Technical Anatolian High School; "Our project, which responds to an important need in the sector and offers solutions to the expectation of a bright future for our young people, came to life in a short time with the support of Kale Municipality. Our aim is to enable young people to graduate with aesthetic equipment together with current technology knowledge in order to find jobs more easily when they start their careers. We would like to thank all the institutions that supported the project and the UBM IstanbulLight team, AGİd and ATMK, who ensured that we were at the fair."

Stating that they found the project very valuable, Prof. Dr. Sermin Onaygil said, "It is obvious that the lighting industry needs equipped professionals to realize its potential and to move our country to a leading position in this field. With this project, it was demonstrated that it is possible to achieve this. I congratulate everyone who contributed to the project, especially our teachers, and invite all sector institutions to offer support to this project that will illuminate our future and thus spread these works throughout our country."

With the support of the Turkish National Committee of Lighting (ATMK) and the Association of Lighting Equipment Manufacturers (AGİd), the details of the project, which has completed its first year under the sponsorship of Balikesir Karesi Municipality, will be shared with industry representatives through the 'Bright Future, Future with Young People' stand and with presentations of the teachers leading the project.

In addition to Turkey, the fair will host more than 8,000 industry professionals from the Middle East, Africa, Eastern Europe, the Balkans, CIS Countries and host the latest products and technologies from over 250 companies.


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