Emlak Konut REIT is establishing a brand new living space in Istanbul Basaksehir. Istanbul is getting a city park to be built on an area of 364 thousand square meters.

 In total, 373 offices, commercial and hotels, as well as many social activities, are on sale from September 9th.

 The new side of Istanbul, "North Side", comes to life in Basaksehir with the assurance of Emlak Konut in order to add value to the lives of millions of Istanbul residents. World-class housing projects, metro line, integrated transportation networks, social and cultural areas, shopping malls, schools and sports fields in an area adjacent to the areas; With its offices, commercial areas, hotel, zoo and city park that we are used to seeing in the metropolises of the world, the North Side is starting a whole new life in Basaksehir.

Offering the concept of horizontal office, the North Side heralds a peaceful and active business life within the parks. Smart offices on the North Side, developed on a lush area worthy of Istanbul, are offered for sale with favorable payment conditions.

"We are bringing a new collar to Istanbul and breathing new life into business and social life…"

Commenting on the "North Side" implemented in Basaksehir, Real Estate Housing REIT General Manager Murat Kurum said: "As Emlak Konut, turkey's largest real estate investment partnership, we are trying to sign projects that add value to urban life and guide the sector with the vision of creating more livable spaces for our people. In this context, we have built and continue to build approximately 13,000 independent departments, transportation, infrastructure and necessary social facilities in Başakşehir region, which started to work as a pilot region in 1995 and continues to develop planned and infrastructured with an exemplary urbanism approach in which breakthroughs accelerated rapidly after 2003. Basaksehir is 3rd in position. The airport stands out with its potential to be a region that adds value to its value every day with large-scale investment projects of our state such as North Marmara Highway, Integrated Health Campus, Stadiums, Official Institution Buildings and University.

Currently, with the mosque for 5000 people in the area we are planning as a center, the construction of our 25,000 m² square project, which also includes Halkalı-3rd Airport metro, Basaksehir-Kayaşehir metro, Basaksehir-Olympic Tram stops and car parks, is underway.

In this direction, we are now breathing new life into the business and social life of Istanbul in Basaksehir. We reinterpret business life on the North Side with the project, which has low-rise offices and commercial units intertwined with nature that will adapt to the region. In addition to offices and commercial areas within the North Side; Apart from the activities such as hotels, sports complexes, concert halls, social facilities, children's areas and zoos, there is also a huge city park that we are used to seeing in the metropolises of the world. On the North Side, which offers an environment where you can get away from the stress and intensity of the day, spend time with your family, and nurture productivity and creativity, there is room for the dreams of children and young people as well as the goals of adults.With the North Side, which has all these opportunities together, we will bring new values to both Basaksehir and Istanbul."

The North Side offers many different concepts together

While the North Side is notable for its location and proximity to connecting roads such as Tem, E-5, 3rd bridge, it allows you to experience the natural life and the business world together in Basaksehir, the new life center of Istanbul. The North Side, which makes its difference at first glance with its architecture and open space arrangements, responds to different expectations with its mixed-use multifunction program. It incorporates many different concepts, from zoos, offices, convention center to hotel, city park in similar world metropolises.

In the project located on the North Side, a total of 10 blocks were developed with a horizontal architectural concept. In the 7 blocks of the project, trade and office function is defined and the remaining 2 blocks are divided into hotels and congress centers and 1 block is divided into sports facilities with a gym and indoor swimming pool.

The hotel block within the scope of the project will serve with 153 rooms, a congress center where it can work together and social areas such as fitness-sauna-pool. The convention center consists of a conference room for 600 people, a meeting room for 143 people, a seminar room for 83 people, a foyer of 400 m² and a lobby area of 2100 m². Within the scope of the project, the facility consists of basketball court and indoor swimming pool units and will have a total capacity of 996 spectators.


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