The most electrical and lighting products were installed in the inspections of the Ministry of Industry and Technology.


The Ministry of Industry and Technology decided to collect 29 products that pose a danger to the safety and environment of our citizens. Imported products accounted for 72% of the collected products.

Efforts are underway towards the 16-point package of support and measures announced by Minister of Industry and Technology Mustafa Varank to ease the burden on industry, SMEs and entrepreneurs and accelerate the production process.

In line with the goal of "Preventing Unfair Competition" included in the package, inspections of imported products that pose a danger to life, property and environmental safety have been accelerated.

Efforts to remove unsafe products from the market, especially those from the Far East that pose a threat to security as well as as strict inspections of imported products that cause unfair competition against our domestic producers, will continue unabated.

Products to be collected include room heater, rechargeable flashlight, set-top stove, carbon monoxide detector, flashlight, bulb, electric water heater.

In particular, the installation of lighting products in the inspection did not go unnoticed. He could not pass the tests because the imported products made were a risk to human life.


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