In this issue, we talked to Waldmann & Derungs Turkey Sales Manager Gamze TASTEKİn about Waldmann products, which are the most important lighting brand in Germany.

Can you briefly mention your services as Pinar Engineering?

PINAR ENGINEERING INDUSTRY AND TRADE LIMITED COMPANY was established in 1994 as an engineering office where CNC Revisions were made using SIEMENS® CNC, PLC and SERVO systems of conventional and CNC tool looms.PINAR ENGINEERING continued its development by focusing on investment efforts to achieve a leading position in the market. Today, the company is a solution partner of leading multinational companies in Turkey.PINAR ENGINEERING, as a SIEMENS® PLC solution partner, also makes machine and system automation software and projecting. At the same time, equipment and spare parts of PLC, CNC and SERVO systems are sold.

Since 2006, we have been the representative of Waldmann®, the world leader in lighting, in Turkey.We offer the products of Waldmann and derungs® company in the field of industrial lighting, office lighting and medical lighting to the Turkish market.

What are the Waldmann product groups?

We can collect our product groups under 3 headings; industrial lighting, office lighting (architecture) and medical lighting.

Can you tell us about your products? Which sectors do you focus on especially in our country?

Our products in the industrial field; in-machine lighting, quality control, production line lighting, high ceiling lighting. Especially with our TAMETO product, which is preferred in quality control lines, we lower errors to 0.

Our high ceiling lighting ACANEO is also known to be used in areas with a ceiling height of 30 meters. We offer advantages to many companies by paying the initial investment cost in a short time.

'We provide high efficiency with low energy consumption.'

In our in-machine lighting products, ip67 and above, ipx9K protection class, we offer our products according to their high usage areas. Automotive, machinery, automotive sub-industry, white goods, defense industry, iron and steel, metal, food, textile, mining, health…

 At Waldmann, you can tell us specifically for reasons that Waldmann products are not precedent for which sector?

Waldmann is a company founded in 1928 and its aim has always been to provide the highest quality products. It has advanced only in lighting, which is its specialty.

As Waldmann Turkey, we always offer the most accurate solution and service to our customers. The only thing that can't be imitated is quality.



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