Lighting Gets Smarter With LED Technology


"V. Organized by EMO Izmir Branch with the theme of "Smart Cities/Safe Facilities". Speaking at the opening of the Electrical Installation National Congress and Exhibition, Prof. Dr. Sermin Onaygil stated that studies on smart, controllable lighting are increasing…

Lighting Turkish National Committee (ATMK) President Prof. Dr. Sermin Onaygil pointed out that the ninth National Lighting Symposium was held, and reminded that in 2001 they held the event again with the EMO Izmir Branch and the symposium has been held in Izmir since the fourth event after different provinces. Onaygil expressed his satisfaction that the lighting area was perceived as a working area that was more of an architect's area, and that electrical engineers started to be seen as a working area, and said, "I would like to thank the EMO Izmir Branch, which contributed to the development of the field by taking ownership of the symposium."

Referring to the ATMK studies, Onaygil noted that the knowledge and experiences from congresses and symposiums are reflected in the international institutions and meetings where the ATMK represents Turkey. Underlining that this year's symposium was organized with the theme of "Smart Cities and Lighting", Onaygil noted that lighting is the working area of control engineers along with easily controllable LED technology. Onaygil stated that concrete studies on energy efficiency are concentrated in the first lighting area, and now studies on smart, controllable lighting are increasing, and said that solutions should be developed to meet the basic requirements of lighting in efficiency and control studies.



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