Ilker Elektronik General Manager Ilker Aracıkan, who we spoke to before istanbul Lighting Fair, gave information about LED lighting products and products that will take part in the fair for the first time.

Can you briefly tell us about your company?
Our company, which was first founded in 1956, has been working with important brands of the world market for more than 30 years. İlED is the Distributor of LUMINUS, HI-LED, ANYLUX, PROLIGHT, JINBO, LUMINIT, NATIONSTAR and AEG in Turkey. Turkey is one of the leading companies in the LED and LED lighting market. It is one of the largest Turkish companies engaged in LED and LED lighting trade internationally. It is one of the companies with the largest customer portfolio in the Turkish market. Apart from standard requirements, our engineers also provide tailored solutions to your specific needs.

Can you tell us about your Lighting Products?
Our company is engaged in led component weighted sales together with; The strip sells products such as LED, Module LED, LED Bar, LED Panel, COB LED, Control Units, Control Cards and LED Bulb etc.

Is there a new product that has been introduced for the first time specific to the fair?
With the "WOODYMOODY" brand wood table lamps that we have just incorporated into our company, the 144-meter product will be introduced for the first time in the LED Module group and in the ILI MINI Module LED and LED Bar group.

Which products do you bring to the forefront at the fair?
Our products that we will highlight at the fair; Ribbon LED, Module LED, LED Panel, adapter, Control Cards and our new brand is designated as " WOODYMOODY ".

How has 2017 been so far?
Taking into account the momentum gained and lost by the market in line with the economic difficulties of our country; 2017 has been and is passing with plenty of work and research and development "with our new products" for us.



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