Contemporary Interpretation of Office Design by Iglo Architects


Aesthetic and Plastic Surgery Specialist Dr. Iglo Architects, who has signed architectural and interior architectural projects of different scales under the leadership of Architect Zafer Karoglu and Architect Esen Akyar. In the new practice designed for Ilker Apaydin, contemporary design changes the standard clinical perception, where different colors are used together with fluid forms.

Plastic Surgeon Dr., which takes place by reinterpreting an existing plan in an effective and colorful language on the way to the conversion of the clinic. Ilker Apaydin's office is located in a 250 square meter apartment within the Terrace Fulya project. The clinic, which is treated with a design that appeals to the eye taste of visitors and feels safe, stands out with its modern, stylish and original interiors, while independent of its usual clinical understanding with the touch of Iglo Architects.

Places where color and peace meet…

Dr. In this clinic designed for Ilker Apaydin, dark smoked and tones that reveal corporate identity were used on wall surfaces and furniture as the main color instead of light-tone colors commonly used in health units. The colors, ceiling and wall surfaces in the space were characterized by graphic expressions in fluid form inspired by heart rhythm, and this graphic effect was also the determinant of the quality of the furniture to be used. Since items such as suspended ceilings are not intended to be used, specially developed barissol ceilings have both provided lighting and created ceiling designs.

In this clinic , efficient spatial arrangements were made with small touches to the existing structure and within the existing scheme, the areas required for minor operations room, consultation rooms, accounting and archive were reshaped.

For the clinic, which provides high quality service to VIP patients, most of whom come from abroad, dr. Architect Zafer Karoglu, Co-Founder of Iglo Architects, who has created a contemporary and practical atmosphere that reflects ilker Apaydin's identity, says as a design decision, "The quality of the clinic's existing spaces, which allows for minimal structural intervention, is an important factor in the emergence of rational and impressive solutions by strengthening the design process contrary to expectations."



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