Considerations in Hospital Lighting


Hospitals always need lighting 24/7, regardless of day or week. Therefore, hospital lighting should be reliable and well designed to keep staff working conditions and patient safety at a high level. Lighting; it should be regulated to ensure the high productivity, hygiene, safety and well-being of medical personnel and patients.

Why, why?
Because hospital staff work in high-stress conditions. Therefore, proper lighting is required for patients to perform meticulous tasks that can mean life or death. Likewise, fatal errors can occur if doctors do not see the patient's body correctly. In other words, hospital lighting affects not only general comfort, but also the health and well-being of people.
Lighting also plays an important role in the healing process of patients. Proper lighting improves sleep, reduces depression and balances the circadian rhythm of the body.

Patient rooms, research facilities, corridors, waiting rooms, laboratories and lobbies… All of these need to be clarified in the most appropriate way for their purposes. Since lighting constitutes an important part of the already widespread power consumption of hospitals, energy efficiency in hospital lighting should also be taken into account.

High Quality Hospital Lighting Features
Hospital lighting is an important part of hospital management. It plays an important role in the realization of health and treatment, rehabilitation of patients, relationship between doctor and patients, hospital operation management and cost control. However, during hospital construction and actual operation, not enough attention is paid to hospital lighting. Because academic research on hospital lighting is quite small, and there are very few companies in the lighting industry that understand the requirements of hospital lighting. That is why the choice of professional lighting equipment is often incomplete.
To review what these shortcomings are, we've discussed what hospital lighting should be like for you below.

1. Energy Efficiency
Selected lighting technology and lighting control play an important role in the cost structure of the hospital. Since there are many lighting points in hospitals, it is recommended to choose energy-saving LED technology for fixtures. Intelligent lighting control ensures that fixtures burn only when needed.

2. High Light LevelsAstane
staff need efficient lighting for checks and research. High lighting levels directly improve patient safety and quality in hospital environments.

3. Comfort
Comfortable lighting designs in waiting rooms reduce the stress level of patients and create a relaxing atmosphere to start treatment. Research shows that well-designed lighting helps to relieve fear and anxiety.

4. Glare Lighting Lighting
in health facilities should not be bright. In medical facilities, patients often look at the ceiling as they spend a lot of time in corridors while lying in patient rooms and during transportation. Glare-inlighting lighting ensures that the environment is safe and pleasant for patients.
Flickers in lighting can cause some problems, just as the results of bright lighting. That's why the flicker effect, which leads to problems such as aggressiveness and fatigue, needs to be minimized. Especially in operating room lighting, the use of flicker-free lighting fixtures is a feature that should definitely be in hospitals.

5. Welfare LevelThe
use of circadian lighting with varying color temperature and light intensity in hospital environments has had positive results. Human-centered lighting has the potential to support the well-being of patients as well as shift workers.

Reliable Lighting Solutions for All Hospitals
Various lighting solutions are often used in hospital lighting design and a combination that works well in all areas is required. With the help of good lighting, hospitals promote the health and well-being of their employees as well as their patients.


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