EFE GLASS Signature on Hagia Sophia Mosque's Chandeliers


The ancient skyline of Hagia Sophia is being renovated with centuries of glass art.

Hagia Sophia; A monument of architecture that has become a symbol of faith and enlightenment since it was built. Although technology has been continuously progressing throughout the 15th century, the lighting of such a huge structure required a different mastery in each period. It is essential to adhere to its essence and spirit when restoring. In the restoration process, by following these principles, experienced glass masters revealed lighting lamps with their breath. Our glass masters set out to produce fanus worthy of Juustinian's dream, Fatih's dream and the art of Isidoros, and carefully prepared each glass with the awareness of witnessing history.

Dozens of chandeliers, thousands of lighting glass. Efe Glass is proud to witness the history of Hagia Sophia.

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