Green Group of Companies, which provides services with 9 different companies in 12 different sectors including lighting, electrical contracting, technology, software, defense security, automation, production, e-commerce, merchandising, distribution, health and defense industries, is expanding its 2022 targets by adding new names to its sales and marketing team.

Green Group of Companies, which continues its activities in 6 different locations with its Headquarters, R&D Center, Advanced Technology Software Center and regional directorates, continues to create sustainable values on behalf of the country's economy and brand and contribute to employment at a time of pandemic.

Green Group of Companies, which has been serving all of Turkey for 14 years with its experienced team, increased its human resources by 30 percent in order to meet the intense customer demands.

"Our sales and marketing team is growing with our new managers who are experts and experienced in the field. I believe that this growth in our team will provide us with new goals and new values for our customers. In 2022, we will grow our team further and work hard for the bright future and sustainable success of our brand. Our goal is to develop our products and services for 12 different sectors in which we operate and to produce solutions for corporate companies with our strong R&D infrastructure."

Green Corporate Distribution Joint Stock Company, which is part of Green Group of Companies, will present the strongest brands of many product groups such as lighting, electricity, energy, defense, security, technology, automation and hardware to corporate companies and business partners throughout Turkey with its growing sales marketing team from a "one-stop supply" perspective.


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