Dynamic, Comfortable and Prestigious Office Design from Gönye Project: AKYAPI OFFICE


Akyapı Office, where Gonye Project Design partners Architect Yelin Evcen and Interior Architect Gonul Ardal, who have signed many interior design works including residences, public housing and office projects together with the construction and real estate investment companies with which they are solution partners, perform interior design, offers a modern working environment with its functional design to its users while at the same time bringing comfort to the forefront. 

Architect Yelin Evcen - Architect Gonul Ardal
Architect Yelin Evcen – Architect Gonul Ardal

Having signed interior designs of turkey's leading branded housing and office projects, Gonye Project Design founders Architect Yelin Evcen and Interior Designer Gonul Ardal aimed to design work areas where comfort and functionality are prioritized in the head office of Akyapı company and can be enjoyed aesthetically. Gönye Project Design, which has a modern and stylish line in the entire office consisting of three floors, has signed a dynamic design taking into account the average age of the employees of the company.

Functional and ergonomic orientations in workplaces…

Minye Project Design, which plans the working rooms of the company partners in such a way that they can work functionally and comfortably considering their personal tastes and hobbies, and welcome their guests with pleasure, has designed a six-meter aquarium in one of the executive rooms – due to its special interest – and a special cabinet that also serves as storage by integrating with it. Miter Project Design aims to provide a stylish effect in the office by choosing ergonomic furniture by prioritizing comfort in office furniture, while also featuring natural leather coating, metal profiles and special fabric coatings in the designs.

Gonye Project Design Co-Founder Architect Yelin Evcen says that a special door design was made on the management floor using tension ropes between the two windows at the meeting room door used by driving into the wall, adding: "In the meeting room, the glass dividing surfaces on the façade were also rotated on the ceiling, increasing the space light. In order not to disturb the sunlight, motor curtain systems with special fabrics were used on these surfaces. Painted glass was used to enhance the vertical depth effect in the hole-facing waiting areas where the management meeting room is located, while a library cabinet of different materials was designed in the hallway where managers could place prizes, books and documents. Three-dimensional patterned natural stone and wood coating was used on the front surface of the counter. Volacas marble was preferred in the countertop and side covering of the long counter determined by the dimensions of this material. Strip LED lighting embedded in the parquet on the floor was also intended to be used as a orientation. Guest wcs in this area are designed to provide special elegance and comfort.


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