Georgia National University Is Enlightened by WONE Lighting products…


WONE Lighting, which is the lighting solution partner of important projects at home / abroad with indoor and outdoor lighting products, took part in the lighting project of Georgia National University, one of the important universities of Georgia

Georgia's Largest University, Georgia National University (SEU) WONE Lighting custom design products were preferred. All faculties within the SEU campus, which has over 40,000 students, have also adopted the philosophy of "human-oriented lighting". WONE Lighting continues to take part in important projects in Europe and Asian countries, especially in the Middle East. Wone Lighting product range, which designs special products for projects, is increasing day by day. The most recent lighting on the public highway project in Bangladesh was carried out by WONE Lighting.

MKD Lighting, which was founded in 2005, has been growing since its establishment with wone brand, prioritizing corporate and individual customer satisfaction, learning and following the latest technology.


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