Euphrates Shield region illuminated by solar energy


Solar-paneled power poles have been erected in areas of Syria that have been de-terrorized by Operation Euphrates Shield.

In Syria, solar power is used to illuminate the streets in areas cleared of terrorism by Operation Euphrates Shield.

In Jarablus, Cobanbey, Bab and Azaz in northern Syria, 600 solar-paneled street lamps were placed on the streets by local councils.

Solar-powered lamps offer uninterrupted electricity, allowing the public to walk around in peace when it gets dark.

The new lamps also reduce the financial burden on local councils and citizens.

"Women, children couldn't go out"

Solar street lighting, which contributes to the increase of commercial and social activities, allows for the prevention of traffic accidents as well as increased safety.

"It was getting very dark. Women, children couldn't get out," he said.

Kreydi stated that they are very satisfied with this service of the local councils established with the support of Turkey, and said, "Now we can go out in the evenings comfortably, we can shop."

"It was very good that the streets were lit up after security was restored," said Musab Rail, another civilian.

We can travel more safely now."

Rail said they could not move freely before solar-powered street lighting was installed. We are able to travel more safely now," he said.

The Turkish Armed Forces and the Free Syrian Army cleared the settlements of terrorists between August 2016 and March 2017.



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