Fiberli Moved to Its Second Factory in 5 Years


Fiberli, a PSL Electronics brand that provides project-specific LED lighting solutions in the lighting sector, indoors and outdoors, moved to its new factory on 16 acres of land in Antalya Organized Industrial Zone and the factory building was opened with a ceremony held on December 15, 2017. The company, which has a rapid growth with nearly 400 employees and over 1000 product types, has moved to its second factory in 5 years.

Fiberli continues to be an important player in the sector as a brand that raises the bar in domestic production with the goal of integrated production facility during this period when LED transformation begins in the world and Turkey. In order to produce fast and high quality production with 42 percent export share and increasing project demands, it continues to serve in Antalya with its new factory building.

Approximately 400 kW s Renewable Energy with 6 Acres of Solar Paneled Roof
Fiberli, which has adopted energy efficiency and environmental sensitivity as brand value, takes an exemplary stance with a project that will produce approximately 400 kW s renewable energy with the 6-acre roof of its new factory. In addition, the new factory and another goal related to the new year is that all company vehicles are electric vehicles. For this purpose, two electric vehicle charging areas have been installed in the factory garden.

One of the 4 R&D Centers in the Lighting Industry
The goal of the R&D department, which successfully passed the Ministry evaluations in November with the new factory and became an R&D center, is 15 new product projects per year. The R&D center, which has high efficiency lighting fixture development projects supported by TUBITAK and has a trained team of 29 people, is one of the 4 centers in the lighting sector.

Fiberli, which can make 90,000 component strings per hour with 3 Typesetting Lines with its new factory growing 3 times, has the capacity to assemble 17 different products simultaneously with conveyor and cellular assembly lines, sets targets for LED conversion trends in 2018 and continues to make its investments in this direction.


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