Contribution to Turkish Agriculture and Education from Fermada Lighting


R&D laboratory, where agricultural products are grown with LED technology, was presented by Fermada Lighting to the service of students at Gebze university. The opening of the R&D laboratory was carried out by Minister of Agriculture and Forestry Bekir Pakdemirli….

In artificial agricultural areas, also called plant-producing factories, it is usually aimed to save energy as well as production efficiency by using LED technology for lighting. Equipped with special lighting systems that show the effects of sunlight, LAVFARM is illuminated by Fermada LED Lighting.

This special system has been developed for plant cultivation in areas where fertile soil or production is low. In this laboratory, where A-Group provides all growetch systems (such as heating, hydroponic systems); Gebze Technical University aims to carry out many scientific studies on plant cultivation in different wavelengths and different scenarios with its expert staff.

Some of the advantages of these studies, where agriculture meets technology;
According to the product and design, the plant to be grown on 20 acres of land can be grown within 1 acre with folded systems,
saving water by 70% to 90%,
producing 365 days a year without using pesticides,
ensuring safe food production in extraordinary situations such as pandemic.


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