2 Awards to Feltouch from Design Week Turkey!


2 Good Design Awards from The Design Week Turkey Awards to Feltouch, which has been exporting Traceable Acoustic Designs from Turkey to the world since 2017, was awarded 2 Good Design awards by the Design Week Turkey jury.

Under the conditions of the pandemic, 2021 Design Week Turkey took place on December 17-18 at Haliç Convention Center with the support of ETMK, TIM and the Ministry of Commerce. Trade Minister Mehmet Mus, Tim President Ismail Gulle and Deputy Minister Reza Tuna Turagay attended the award ceremony held within the scope of the event.

At the award ceremony, where 8 Outstanding Design, 28 Good Design awards met with the winners, Ali Berkman design sparkle acoustic lighting collection was awarded the Good Design Award in the "Lighting Products" category, Yigit Özer design acoustic wall-ceiling panel and lighting design in the category "Building Components and Vitrified Products". Feltouch Co-Founder and General Manager Onur Özer and designers Ali Berkman and Yigit Özer received the awards together at the award ceremony.

Both Acoustic and Lighting Solution Together: Sparkle Acoustic Lighting Collection

Ali Berkman, who designed sound and light in his workplaces as a very important catalyst that can change the way he perceives the environment and the way he feels the atmosphere in the space, offers a family of acoustic lighting that can respond to the needs of users in the workplaces in terms of acoustics and lighting. From a lighting perspective, in order to increase energy efficiency and provide ease of use, Ripple and Bowl acoustic lighting elements can optimally balance light levels without user intervention thanks to the daylight and asset sensor integrated into the body, working in sync with daylight at different times of the day. The Bowl series, which can be controlled separately by direct indirect light distributions, provides a comfortable experience in terms of glazing control thanks to its optical design.

The collection, which is formed from felt obtained by converting from PET, is an alternative to acoustic materials that provide speech clarity indoors. Offering acoustic and lighting solutions as well as decorative, sparkle product family offers pendant, plaster top, direct, indirect, applique options, while a total of 32 Feltouch felt adapts to the interiors with color advantage.

World's Largest Molded Acoustic Felt Panel: Vertigo Wall, Ceiling Panel and Lighting

The design represents and reinterpreses the elements and formations found in the dunes. Unique and ever-evolving formations and patterns of dunes shaped like a bump or back by the wind under the influence of gravity the essence and focal point of the Vertigo collection is to provide personalization, function and an interesting game of light and shadow.

Vertigo series adaptive panel surfaces, unique 3D pattern, mono, form and inner corner form and 3 different trapezoidal models can be applied. The product can also be used as stalactite lighting on the ceiling to offer both acoustic and aydsin function together. Vertigo provides comprehensive creative freedom to differentiate and cover many surfaces from ceilings to walls and corners. This outstanding design can be applied in 32 standard colors by feltouch seal, which is developed to meet environmental norms in accordance with interior building standards. High acoustic performance felt provides a sustainable and environmentally friendly life cycle with recyclable and recyclable properties. It offers the largest panels created using pressed PET felt technology.


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