Five A Elektronik, which takes part in important projects abroad and domestic with emergency lighting products, will exhibit its latest technology products at Istanbul Light Fair. In our fair issue, we discussed the company's work and the importance of emergency lighting with Mr. Arzu Rona, General Manager of Five A Electronics.

Can we get information about the operation of Five A Electronics?
Five A Elektronik has been producing emergency lighting kits, emergency guidance fixtures and emergency lighting fixtures in the lighting industry for more than 20 years.
During the design of the products, mechanical and electronic designs take place in our own R&D laboratory. Our company, which always aims to follow and produce new technologies, cooperates with universities while developing new products and receives support from KOSGEB and TUBITAK projects.
Since 2014, it has been exporting to more than 20 countries with an emphasis on export-related activities. Our company, which also designates countries in the Middle East Region as the target market, is the first and only Turkish company in the emergency lighting sector with "Civil Defense" certificate, which is mandatory in the United Arab Emirates, Qatar and Oman for emergency lighting products.

The quality of our products is tested and registered by international organizations such as TSE, TUV Rheinland and BSI and is managed according to ISO 9001 Standards and quality management systems.

What is Emergency Lighting? What should be considered?
In short, emergency lighting is the type of lighting that is activated independently in case normal lighting fixtures are disabled for any reason and helps people in the building to leave the building safely.
Emergency Lighting systems must be used in all public buildings except small houses. It is essential that emergency lighting systems are selected in accordance with the standards and then the system is operational in an emergency by carrying out regular maintenance and inspections.
The building must have a project prepared in con according to the Electrical Interior Facilities Project Regulation on emergency lighting systems and this project should be maintained within the building. All devices related to emergency lighting should be specified in the project and changes made over time should be updated regularly.

It is very important that both manufacturers, practitioners and building managers show sensitivity about this product group. In an emergency, the fact that emergency lighting products are not working is equivalent to not having them installed at all.

In this regard, the "Regulation on Fire Protection of Buildings" should be taken into account legally, and building managers should be reminded of the responsibility of building managers for periodic testing, maintenance and inspection works in buildings where emergency lighting products are mandatory, as stated in articles 72,73 and 84 of the same regulation. According to these standards, the results of regular checks, tests and maintenance reports should be kept in a registry. The registry should include the commissioning of the system, periodic testing and maintenance procedures, interventions in case of failure, dates and relevant personnel information. Recordings must either be kept manually or stored as outputs from automated testers.

What are the product groups related to Emergency Lighting? Are there new products technologically?
Emergency lighting products include emergency lighting kits, emergency guidance fixtures and emergency lighting fixtures.
Although the products are independent products with self-batteries, traceable products and systems with automation system are also applied in buildings with the development of technology in recent years. Periodic testing and maintenance of products that are not monitored by automation system is very difficult and costly. Periodic maintenance of emergency lighting products adapted to an automation system is provided regularly and easily in accordance with the regulation. As Beş A, we have added products suitable for automation systems to our product family in recent years.
One of them is the DALI automation system. DALI stands for "Digital Addressable Lighting Interface" and is a protocol defined in the technical standard IEC 62386 to manage lighting equipment intelligently and easily Five A offers products that are entirely our own design that operates our market with the DALI protocol starting in 2017.

Together with the DALI protocol, monitoring and control of many different products such as LED drives, emergency lighting kits, emergency lighting fixtures and emergency routing fixtures are provided. It is a system preferred by many users thanks to its easy-to-use, robust and flexible solution. A protocol for digital communication between lighting controllers is defined. In this system, lighting products are addressed through routers and can be divided into different groups and managed in different scenarios.
Another product with automation system is welco, our own unique design and software. WELCO is a wireless system solution that allows the monitoring of the status of our emergency lighting products over the Internet.

Can you tell us about WELCO?
WELCO is our wireless system solution that allows monitoring the status of our emergency lighting products over the Internet.

Each emergency lighting includes a wireless communication module with wi-fi technology that has proven itself in wireless communication. It is enough to connect emergency lighting only to the city network.
• Wireless, Wi-Fi (802.11 b/g/n) and cloud-based.
• No extra wiring costs and workmanship required for installation.
• Testing and reporting can be done and reported at any time from anywhere in the world.
• Effective use of resources is ensured by evaluating the existing Wi-Fi infrastructure.
• Function and duration tests of the products are carried out periodically.
• It is possible to provide testing and reporting as a service.

Thanks to the WELCO system developed by Five A, you can access many information about products such as fault status and test history using cloud technology by entering your username and password from anywhere you have an internet connection with your computer, tablet or smartphone web browsers.

Will you have product investments in the coming period as Bes A?
We have always aimed to follow and produce new technologies, in this context, our R&D activities continue without interruption.




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